4-Piece Ball Set – Soccer, Basketball, Football and Playground Ball For Your Active Child




Give your children the gift of playtime with this dynamic 4-piece ball set! This set includes a size 5 basketball, size 4 soccer ball, size 6 football, and a colorful playground ball, providing a variety of options for your active youngster. Whether they want to shoot hoops in the driveway, kick goals in the backyard, play catch at the park or simply have fun rolling and throwing the playground ball around, this set has them covered.

The basketball is a regulation size 5, making it perfect for practicing dribbling, passing, shooting and developing fundamental skills. Its durable rubber and foam padding ensure it can withstand rough outdoor use on the blacktop. The soccer ball meets size 4 standards so kids can take their budding soccer skills from the grass to the pavement seamlessly. Its 20 cm diameter allows new players to easily control and kick the ball. When it’s time for some football, the included size 6 version offers a composite leather feel and traditional grooved grip for junior-sized hands. And the extra lightweight playground ball in vibrant colors adds more recreation variety.

Fun for all environments, these balls can be used on hard ground without grass, wet and grassy surfaces, blacktop, fields, your living room floor and more – even in the pool or on the beach! Their materials provide great all weather durability. The basketball, soccer ball and football are made of thickened PU material and rubber with foam cushioning to prevent deflation after hard impact. The hollow playground ball is constructed from elastic and durable PVC.

Take your sports gear on the go with the included mesh ball bag. It measures 18.2 x 10.3 x 19.7 inches, providing ample space for carrying all 4 balls at once. An air pump and needle are also included so you can inflate or deflate the balls anytime, anywhere. Now your kids can grab their balls, pump and bag for a quick game at the local playground or gym. No more waiting for you to get home and pull out the hand pump from the garage.

Gift your sports-loving child this 4-piece ball set for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion. It provides quality, durability and variety to enhance playtime. The pieces all coordinate so your kids can share and swap balls during their basketball, soccer, football or general play sessions. If one ball gets worn out or lost, there are backups on hand. Give the joy of sport and keep your active youngster entertained for hours!


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