adidas Euro 24 Pro Match Ball – Official Size 5 for Ages 12+


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Get ready for match day with the adidas Euro 24 Pro soccer ball! This size 5 ball features premium construction and the official UEFA EURO 2024 logo to bring professional tournament excitement. Use it to gear up for competitions or just sharpen your skills.

Crafted to Official Size & Weight Standards

Designed for tournament games and practices, this ball meets the standards for official size 5 match balls. The circumference, weight, and other dimensions precisely match professional regulation balls for optimal playability. While suitable for all ages, size 5 is best suited for ages 12 and up.

Achieves FIFA’s Highest Match Ball Rating

Tested to meet FIFA’s stringent requirements for circumference, weight, rebound, and water absorption, this Pro ball achieves their highest rating for match play. The carefully engineered design provides consistent flight path and responsiveness match after match.

Thermally Bonded Panels Enhance Touch

The machine-stitched construction utilizes thermally bonded panels to seamlessly fuse the outer PU cover to the inner bladder. This advances the overall feel and touch on the ball for softer control and accurate passes.

Textured Cover Improves Grip

Small raised dots on the PU cover give players better surface grip and ball control even in wet conditions. The textured feel makes it easier to curve shots with spin and reduce slip-ups.

Butyl Bladder Retains Air

Inside the ball, a butyl rubber bladder provides excellent air retention match after match. The bladder material is less permeable than latex to maintain ideal inflation and shape over time.

Celebrates UEFA EURO 2024 Competition

Printed graphics celebrate the upcoming 2024 UEFA European Football Championship held in Germany. Let your playing reflect the competitive spirit of the iconic tournament.

Use It for Matches, Training, or Fun

Take your game to the next level using this ball for:

– Youth league and school matches
– Club practice drills and scrimmages
– Backyard, street soccer, and pickup games
– Goalie training
– Passing and dribbling skill sharpening
– Penalty kick practice
– Juggling challenges

Premium Pro Soccer Ball Components

– PU cover for soft touch and texture
– Machine-stitched thermally bonded panels
– Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
– Balanced design for true flight
– Textured dots provide added grip
– FIFA Quality Pro certified performance

Comes Deflated – Requires Inflation

This match ball ships deflated to avoid damage. A pump is not included—use your own inflation needle and pump to inflate it prior to first use. Be sure to inflate to the recommended 8-9 PSI for proper bounce and playability.

Trusted adidas Soccer Technology

For over 70 years, adidas has innovated ball tech to support top players and leagues around the world. This Euro 2024 ball combines proven quality materials, precision stitching, and balanced construction inspired by pro feedback.

Make the adidas Difference

Bring tournament excitement to your game with the Euro 2024 Pro match ball. The quality adidas design provides superior flight, touch, and air retention match after match. Prepare for your best season yet with gear created for competitors.

Product Details:

– Brand: adidas
– Model Number: GE5959
– Size: 5
– Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches
– Cover Material: PU leather
– FIFA Rating: FIFA Quality Pro
– Bladder: Butyl Rubber
– Weight: 14 oz
– Ages: 12+ years

Archive Your Best Moments

Pair this high-performance match ball with the Mionix Pro gaming microphone to capture all your biggest plays, reactions, and championship wins.

Celebrate your passion for the beautiful game with the adidas Euro 2024 Pro match ball engineered to bring out your best.


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