adidas Unisex Pro 3.0 Game Basketball


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Take your game to the next level with the adidas Unisex Pro 3.0 Game Basketball. Designed for elite performance, this high-quality basketball delivers unmatched control and consistency on the court. The premium composite leather cover provides a soft, natural feel and grip that serious players demand. The internal carcass optimizes air retention and shape for enhanced bounce and responsiveness on every dribble, pass, and shot.

At the core of the Pro 3.0 Game Basketball is adidas’ innovative Cushion Core technology. The unique foam padding underneath the surface absorbs impact and provides exceptional cushioning. Your hands and fingers stay protected during aggressive play, rebounds, and dunks. The cushioned core also minimizes ball deformation so you get the same consistent feel and bounce throughout the game.

The premium rubber channels offer superior gripability for better ball control. The channels flex with your hands’ movements to maintain control through cuts, crossovers, and drives to the basket. The strategically placed durable ABS panel stabilizes the channels to prevent excessive peeling after repeated outdoor use. Durable construction ensures the Pro 3.0 Game Basketball maintains its high performance and playability for season after season.

For unmatched consistency and accuracy, the Pro 3.0 Game Basketball features adidas’ Precision Hand-Stitched technology. The panels are meticulously hand-stitched and assembled using premium composite leather. The careful craftsmanship optimizes the basketball’s symmetry and roundness. The expert construction enhances your feel, control, and shooting precision on the court.

Take your skills to the next level with the same ball used by the pros. The NBA has used adidas basketballs for over a decade because they meet the league’s stringent standards for quality, consistency, and durability. When you train and compete with the Pro 3.0 Game Basketball, you play with the same level of performance that the best players in the world demand from their basketballs.

Key Features

  • Premium composite leather cover for soft feel and excellent grip
  • Cushion Core technology absorbs impact and provides exceptional cushioning
  • Rubber channels offer superior control and traction on the court
  • Durable ABS panel stabilizes rubber channels for outdoor use
  • Hand-stitched panels optimize the basketball’s symmetry and roundness
  • Official basketball of the NBA – meets professional standards
  • Unisex size – ideal for men, women, boys and girls
  • NFHS approved for high school and collegiate play

Play Like a Pro with the adidas Pro 3.0 Game Basketball

Bring elite-level performance to the neighborhood court, gymnasium, or arena with the adidas Pro 3.0 Game Basketball. The premium materials, expert construction, and innovative technologies combine to give you unmatched feel, control, and consistency. Grab the same ball the pros use and unlock your full basketball potential today.


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