ALTRA Women’s AL0A548C TIMP 4 Trail Running Shoe


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Hit the trails with confidence and comfort in the ALTRA Women’s Timp 4 Trail Running Shoe. This lightweight yet supportive trail runner features ALTRA’s renowned FootShape toe box to allow your toes to relax and spread naturally, while the responsive Zero Drop platform encourages proper alignment and low-impact landings on rugged terrain.

Stay Focused on the Trail Ahead

The MaxTrac outsole and multi-directional TrailClaw lug pattern equip the Timp 4 with grippy traction over rocks, roots and uneven ground. The sticky rubber lugs grab hold of loose dirt and debris to keep you stable and upright on sketchy descents. Focus forward as the Timp 4’s rugged outsole tackles technical trail features with ease.

Go Further with Balanced Cushioning

ALTRA’s Balanced Cushioning places the heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground to encourage better alignment and low-impact landings. This balanced platform reduces strain on your feet, ankles and legs compared to traditional running shoes with an elevated heel. The Timp 4 helps you go further and longer on the trail by reducing fatigue.

Highly Cushioned for All-Day Comfort

Within the Timp 4’s Balanced Cushioning platform is a responsive Quantic midsole that provides plush comfort underfoot. The dual-density foam cushioning softens hard trail impacts while retaining responsiveness and energy return. Your feet stay comfortably cushioned mile after mile when tackling long mountain runs or hiking rugged terrain all day. The padded tongue and collar enhance comfort around the ankle.

Roomy Toe Box Lets Toes Relax and Spread Out

ALTRA’s renowned FootShape toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally instead of being squeezed together in a tapered shoe. The extra wide forefoot and toe bumper give your toes plenty of room to move and stabilize your stride. The Timp 4’s foot-shaped toe box eliminates toe bang and black toenails from downhill pounding. Enjoy the trails pain-free thanks to the extra space to splay your toes.

Key Features:

  • FootShape Toe Box – Allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally
  • Zero Drop Platform – Heel and forefoot are equal distance from the ground
  • Quantic Midsole – Dual-density foam provides responsive cushioning
  • MaxTrac Outsole – Multi-directional lugs deliver grippy traction
  • TrailClaw – Reinforced toe bumper protects against rocks and roots
  • Balanced Cushioning – Reduces strain and fatigue on the body

Take on Technical Terrain and Long Distances

Whether you’re tackling rocky ridges, rooty singletrack or all-day ultra marathons, the ALTRA Timp 4 has your feet covered. The supportive Quantic midsole and balanced cushioning platform maintain energy and comfort over miles of uneven terrain. The rugged MaxTrac outsole grips loose dirt, wet roots and jagged rocks to keep you upright. Breathable air mesh in the upper ventilates your feet to prevent overheating on hot summer runs. The quick-drying upper resists absorbing water when splashing through streams. Slip your feet into the comfort of ALTRA’s FootShape toe box and focus on the journey ahead in the Timp 4.

Find Your Ideal Fit

The ALTRA Timp 4 runs true to size and is available in standard width in women’s sizes 5 – 12. Wide sizing is available as well to accommodate wider feet. Designed for trail and off-road running, the Timp 4 fits best for moderate to high volume feet. The roomy toe box and FootShape design provide a comfortable experience for trail runners with broader feet and toes. If you have low volume feet or prefer a snug performance fit, consider sizing down a half or full size. Enjoy personalized comfort in the Timp 4 thanks to ALTRA’s fit4her sizing options.

Why Trail Runners Love the ALTRA Timp 4

“I have Put well over 100 miles on this shoe within the first two weeks! It is by far the most comfortable trail shoe I’ve ever worn. I wore it for a 50K with 4000ft of elevation change and my feet felt great the whole time.”

“I’m a diehard ALTRA fan but really did not like the previous Timp 3s at all. These Timp 4s are awesome! The upper is improved and I love the max traction grippy sole. I used them for a rugged 50k mountain race with steep, rocky descents and they performed flawlessly.”

“The FootShape toe box is a game changer for trail running. My toes can relax and move naturally without banging together downhill. The cushioning is soft yet responsive. Excellent traction over roots and rocks too. The Timp 4 is perfect for ultra distances.”

Designed for FootShape Comfort on the Trails

Experience the difference of ALTRA’s FootShape toe box design. The Timp 4 allows your toes to spread out naturally for optimal comfort, stability and power on rugged singletrack and mountain routes. Responsive cushioning and multi-directional traction keep you moving mile after mile in complete trail running comfort. Slip into the ALTRA Timp 4 and enjoy the journey!


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