Axe Bat 2023 Avenge Pro Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat – Next Level Performance and Comfort


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Engineered for serious senior league players, the 2023 Avenge Pro slowpitch bat from Axe Bat delivers game-changing power, optimal control, and unmatched comfort thanks to its innovative flared axe handle and cutting-edge features.

Charged Carbon Construction Boosts Power

At the heart of this slowpitch softball bat lies the game-changing 2-piece Charged Carbon construction. The lightweight, durable carbon fiber barrel works with the power-loaded alloy handle to create a massive sweet spot and huge flex, resulting in explosive shots off the tee or live pitching.

Tri-Flex Blastwall Barrel Technology

Utilizing Axe’s proprietary Tri-Flex Blastwall design, this barrel optimizes energy dispersion from the first point of impact through the entire length of the hitting zone. This creates incredible trampoline effect for hard-hitting shots across the whole barrel.

Vibration Canceling System

Axe Bat’s high-tech multi-stage Vibration Canceling System (VCS) leverages advanced shock-absorbing materials placed in strategic points along the handle. This eliminates painful sting and gives you superior feel and control on every swing.

HyperWhip End Cap

The sleek, aerodynamic HyperWhip End Cap improves swing efficiency by reducing drag as you whip the bat through the zone. Less drag equals greater bat speed and velocity for blazing hits.

Flared Axe Handle

The flared handle shape provides excellent grip security while allowing your hands to freely move into the ideal hitting position. This leads to lightning-quick swing times and powerful impact. It works seamlessly with any grip style too.

Hypertack Grip

The premium Hypertack grip combines plush cushioning with targeted perforations to create the ultimate luxurious feel without compromising control. Enjoy a no-slip grip and total comfort.

Stamp of Approval

This bat carries the BPF 1.21 stamp of approval from SSUSA and ISA, certifying its legality and safety for senior league sanctioned play. Swing away with total confidence.

Engineered for Seniors

From the light swing weight to the enhanced bat control, this model is purpose-built for senior players looking to boost their performance. The flared handle in particular caters to older players with ease.

Trusted Axe Bat Quality

As the pioneer of the revolutionary axe handle design, Axe Bat has engineered numerous technologies to optimize the benefits of the flared handle while meeting all NSA standards. Trust this bat to deliver top-notch quality.

Give your swing a major power upgrade with the advanced 2023 Avenge Pro from Axe Bat. With its performance-enhancing axe handle and innovative construction, this senior league bat is specially crafted to help take your game to the next level.


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