Baden All-Weather Genuine Leather Practice Baseballs – Official Size, Dozen


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Don’t let rain disrupt your practice when you have the Baden All-Weather genuine leather baseballs. Designed with proprietary CoreGuard technology, these performance practice baseballs repel moisture so you can take your training outside regardless of the weather. The authentic leather cover provides exceptional grip and feel to help players maximize their development.

Stay in the Game with All-Weather Durability

These are the first baseballs engineered to remain playable even when wet. The innovative CoreGuard system prevents water absorption into the core, keeping the ball’s weight and size consistent in any conditions. Advanced polymer material within the core also enables the balls to dry quickly, restoring the original shape, size, weight, and feel up to 24 hours after getting wet.

Genuine Leather Cover for Optimal Grip

The quality leather cover offers the authentic grip, tack, and feel players expect from a real baseball. The supple leather material provides excellent control for pitchers working on command and movement. Hitters can trust their swing won’t slip as they connect with the ball during live pitching practice and batting practice. The genuine leather also withstands outdoor use, maintaining its tactile grip even after repetitive contact with the bat and abrasive surfaces.

Clearly Visible Blue Seams

The deep blue raised seam stitching makes the baseball highly visible for players and coaches. Pitchers can easily pick up the ball’s rotation for more effective pitching practice. Outfielders can swiftly spot and track the ball when fielding hits. The vibrant blue seams also make identifying and sorting practice baseballs simple and quick.

Built for Performance Training

These durable Baden baseballs give players the critical repetition required for skill development. Optimized for use during batting practice and pitching sessions, the balls retain their pop and shape even after high-velocity repetitive contact. The moisture-resistant design ensures athletes can continue sharpening their technique in light rain, wet grass, and damp conditions.

Trusted Game Ball Quality

As the Official Ball of the Little League World Series, Baden is the name players trust for performance equipment. These practice baseballs meet the highest quality standards for material, construction, and performance. The authentic leather cover has the look, feel, and grip of real game balls. The DOZ12 model ships as one dozen regulation size and weight baseballs, ready for your next practice.

Key Features

  • All-Weather Durability: Playable even when wet thanks to the proprietary CoreGuard moisture protection system
  • Quick Drying: Returns to original size, shape, and feel within 24 hours of getting wet
  • Genuine Leather Cover: Provides exceptional grip and authentic baseball feel
  • Blue Stitching: Improves visibility and makes identifying practice balls easy
  • Regulation Size and Weight: Standard baseball specs for authentic skills training

Don’t cut practice short due to wet weather. With innovative moisture protection technology, the Baden All-Weather baseballs allow athletes to sharpen their skills in all conditions. The genuine leather cover offers exceptional control for command training, batting practice, and live pitching sessions.


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