Baden White Dimpled Practice Baseballs with Red Seams – 12 Pack


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Take your batting and fielding practice to the next level with this 12 pack of dimpled white baseballs with red seams from Baden. Designed to look, feel, and perform like real baseballs, these patented training balls are ideal for batting cages, pitching machines, and wet weather drills.

Realistic Appearance

At first glance, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish these Baden training baseballs from the real thing. The brilliant white exterior with traditional red stitching gives them an ultra-realistic look. The dimpled leather cover mimics the feel of a brand new game ball right off the bat. Even advanced players will appreciate how the visual design aids in picking up spins and tracking pitches.

Durable Dimpled Cover

The dimpled surface on these baseballs make them more durable for repeated batting and throwing drills. The inset patended seams add extra protection so the red color doesn’t fade or bleed when wet. The soft leather material also provides great grip and handling when fielding grounders or working on double plays. Baden carefully crafted these balls to withstand high volume usage.

Weight and Size Regulations

These training baseballs meet the official size and weight specifications for tournament and league play. Each ball measures 9 inches in circumference and weighs approximately 5 ounces. The regulation dimensions allow hitters to get an authentic feel for balls coming off the bat. Fielders can also practice realistic throws knowing the ball with behave like one in live game action.

Ideal for Batting Practice

The bright white cover makes it easy for batters to track and pick up spin on pitches delivered through pitching machines and by coaches during batting practice. The durable dimpled leather holds up well even after repeated sessions of batting cage work. Wet weather won’t ruin these balls, so you can take cuts even if the cages or diamond are damp.

Great for Fielding Drills

The soft leather cover and proper weight distribution on these Baden practice balls allows fielders to practice realistic throws. Infielders can field choppers, turn double plays, and make long throws feeling like they’re using a real ball. Outfielders can practice hitting cut off men and home with confidence. Break in a new glove easily thanks to the authentic feel.

Use with Pitching Machines

These baseballs are specifically designed for repetitive throwing through pitching machines. The durable dimpled cover prevents wear and protects the patented inset seams from damage. The bright white makes them visible as they come out of the machine at high speeds. Saves your high-end gamers for game time and preserve pitcher’s arms.

Built for Wet Conditions

Don’t let a little rain or dampness prevent you from getting your swings or fielding practice in. The leather cover performs well even when wet. The protected red stitching retains its color and prevents bleeding onto gloves or hands. Water won’t compromise the weight or feel. If the fields are soggy, take practice indoors with these all-weather balls.

Trusted Baden Quality

With over 160 years of sports manufacturing expertise, Baden is a leader in quality sporting goods. Trusted by professional athletes, college programs, high school coaches, and recreational players alike. These training baseballs are proudly made in the USA. Pick up a bucket of Baden’s dimpled white balls with red seams for your next practice.


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