Ball Hog Gloves – Weighted Anti Grip Basketball Training Aid for Improved Ball Handling and Control


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Take your basketball ball handling skills to the next level with the Ball Hog Gloves Weighted Anti Grip Basketball Training Aid. Specifically designed to strengthen fingers and hands while improving ball control, these basketball training gloves add resistance to help build hand speed and coordination.

Build Hand and Finger Strength

The Ball Hog Gloves feature a unique weighted anti-grip material on the palms and fingers to help build strength in your hands and fingers with every dribble and pass. The added weight resistance forces your small hand muscles to work harder compared to training without gloves. With consistent use during practice and drills, you’ll notice improved overall hand strength, helping you better control the basketball during games.

Improve Ball Handling and Control

The weighted anti-grip material makes ball handling more challenging by reducing grip and forcing you to focus on control. You can’t simply rely on your palm and fingers – you have to use proper technique and handle the ball with your fingertips and wrists. This improves coordination and ensures maximum ball control, even during fancy dribbling moves or difficult passes. Your ball security will improve dramatically with the Ball Hog Gloves!

Develop Faster, More Precise Hand Speed

The resistance provided by the weighted material not only builds hand strength, but it also helps develop quicker hands and fingers. Much like swinging a weighted bat or golf club builds power, the Ball Hog Gloves force your hands to work against added weight with every dribble. This trains the small muscles in your hands and fingers, increasing speed as you adjust to the extra resistance. Your dribbling, passing, and reaction time will noticeably improve!

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

The Ball Hog Gloves Basketball Training Aid takes regular ball handling drills and turns them into a challenging workout for your hands, fingers, and wrists. Advanced players will notice the added difficulty during complex dribbling sequences and intricate passes. Whether you’re a guard trying to improve your handles or a forward working on entry passes, the weighted resistance helps take your skill development to the next level.


  • Weighted anti-grip material on palms & fingers for added resistance
  • Strengthens hands, fingers, wrists for improved ball control
  • Builds hand-eye coordination and ball handling skills
  • Develops quicker, more precise hand speed
  • Challenging for players of all skill levels
  • Ideal training aid for individual & team drills
  • Adjustable wrist straps ensure secure fit
  • Designed for basketball athletes ages 12+
  • Available in youth and adult sizes

Train Smarter, Improve Faster

Take your basketball handles, passing, and ball control to new levels with the Ball Hog Gloves Weighted Anti Grip Basketball Training Aid. Don’t settle for the same old ball handling drills – train smarter and see results faster!


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