BamBooBat Adult Baseball/Softball One Hand Training Bat – Improve Your Swing and Hand-Eye Coordination


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Take your baseball or softball skills to the next level with the BamBooBat Adult One Hand Training Bat from Pinnacle Sports Equipment. This innovative bat helps build muscle memory and hand-eye coordination for smoother, more confident swings.

Lightweight and Durable Bamboo Construction

The BamBooBat is crafted from premium bamboo that’s lightweight yet highly durable. Weighing under 2 pounds, it reduces fatigue so you can swing for hours perfecting your technique. The bamboo is solid throughout the bat for unmatched strength and rigidity. Even coaches who regularly break wooden bats find the BamBooBat withstands repetitive hard swings.

Designed for One Hand Training Drills

This specialty bat measures 18 inches long with a 2 1/4 inch diameter barrel, sized right for one hand training. The compact size focuses on building strength in your top and bottom hand through targeted drills. Take smooth one-handed swings to groove proper muscle memory and keep your swing level from start to contact.

Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination

In addition to honing your swing technique, the BamBooBat improves hand-eye coordination for better bat control and contact. The lightweight feel improves reaction time to catch up to pitch speeds. One hand drills help synchronize your eyes, brain, and muscles to track the ball into the zone.

Use for Soft Toss, Batting Practice, and More

The training possibilities are endless with the BamBooBat. Warm up your swing before batting practice with a few one-handed hits off a tee. Do soft toss drills to ingrain proper mechanics through repetition. Or take it to the field for swings with each hand to build strength.

Compact Size for Easy Transport

At just 18 inches long, the BamBooBat easily fits in your equipment bag so you can take it anywhere. Keep it in your car for pre-game batting practice at the field. Toss it in your bag for weekend tournaments out of town. Wherever baseball takes you, this bat goes too.

BamBooBat One Hand Trainer Benefits:

  • Lightweight bamboo construction – under 2 lbs
  • Durable solid bamboo withstands repetitive swings
  • 18″ length and 2 1/4″ diameter sized for one hand use
  • Builds hand-eye coordination for better bat control
  • Grooves proper swing mechanics through drills
  • Enhances top and bottom hand strength
  • Use for soft toss, batting tee, and live pitching
  • Compact size easily fits in equipment bags

Take your baseball or softball swing to the next level this season with the BamBooBat One Hand Training Bat from Pinnacle Sports Equipment. Designed for players of all ages, this bat quickly improves batting skills for more confidence at the plate. The durable bamboo construction withstands repetitive training while the lightweight feel prevents fatigue. Use for one hand drills to synchronize your swing mechanics for smooth, powerful contact every time. Order the BamBooBat today to be a better ballplayer!

One Satisfied Customer Said:

“I bought the BamBooBat to help improve my 10-year-old daughter’s batting skills and hand-eye coordination. After using it for just a few weeks, I saw a noticeable improvement in her swing technique and confidence making contact with the ball. She takes the bat everywhere to practice her one-handed drills. Her coaches have even commented on her increased bat speed and power. I highly recommend it for any player looking to take their hitting to the next level.” – Jennifer S., Softball Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

What age player is the BamBooBat designed for?

The BamBooBat can be used by players of all ages. The 18″ length is ideal for youth players ages 8 and up. Adult players also benefit from using the bat to groove their swing mechanics.

What drills can you do with the bat?

Use it for one hand soft toss, tee drills, and live pitching to improve both top and bottom hand strength. Take smooth one-handed swings working on keeping the barrel in the zone longer. Do alternating hand drills to build muscle memory.

How durable is the bamboo construction?

We use premium bamboo that is hardened for superior durability. It holds up incredibly well, even under repetitive hard swings from adult players.

Does it come in different sizes?

The BamBooBat is currently available in an 18″ size that works for most youth and adult players for one-handed training. We do not offer additional sizes at this time.

Do you offer other bamboo bats?

Yes, Pinnacle Sports Equipment also has a full line of bamboo bats available in different sizes, including youth bats, adult bats, fungo bats, and more. Check out our store to see our full selection of high quality bamboo bats to improve your game.

Don’t wait – order the BamBooBat One Hand Training Bat today to take your baseball or softball skills up a notch this season! This innovative bat trains muscle memory and hand-eye coordination for next-level confidence and performance at the plate.


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