Brine Clutch Arm Guard – Lightweight 3-Piece Lacrosse Arm Protection




Take your lacrosse game to the next level with the Brine Clutch Arm Guard. This innovative 3-piece arm guard provides flexible, lightweight protection that moves with you on the field. The Clutch Arm Guard is designed for offensive players who need to maintain their quickness and dexterity during intense gameplay.

Unrestricted Movement and Flexible Protection

The Brine Clutch Arm Guard is constructed with 3 separate panels that are strategically placed to guard your arm without restricting your range of motion. The panels are connected by Brine’s Grid-FleX material that stretches and bends with your arm as you cradle, pass, and shoot. This flexible protection ensures you can play aggressively on offense without sacrificing mobility.

The main arm guard panel is made of compression molded foam that absorbs impact while remaining lightweight. Strategically placed ventilation holes allow air flow to keep you cool. An extended wrist guard provides extra coverage from checks while still allowing full wrist flexion and extension.

An inner Bio-Stretch cleave sleeve conforms to your arm for a compression fit that maximizes comfort and flexibility. This moisture-wicking material keeps your arm dry as your game heats up. With its breathable, barely-there feel, you’ll forget you’re even wearing an arm guard.

Superior Fit Tailored for Offensive Play

Brine engineered the Clutch Arm Guard specifically with offensive players’ needs in mind. The contoured shape and flexible construction allow dynamic offensive players to move and play without restriction.

The compression fit stabilizes the guard against your arm to prevent shifting and maximize protective coverage. An adjustable hook and loop strap ensures a customizable fit. The Clutch Arm Guard contours to different arm shapes and provides a secure, compression fit for small, medium, and large arm sizes.

Weighing only 5.3 ounces, this ultra-light lacrosse arm guard helps offensive players maintain their quickness and dexterity on the field. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your arms are protected without compromising your speed and agility.

Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Fabric Keeps You Dry

The Brine Clutch Arm Guard’s Bio-Stretch liner material wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry. Ventilation holes throughout the compression foam also increase air flow for maximum breathability.

As you give maximum effort running up and down the field, you build up sweat. The Arm Guard’s moisture-wicking fabrics and ventilation ensure you stay dry for full comfort even during intense gameplay in the heat.

The compression fit also improves circulation in your arm, promoting cooling airflow. Don’t let an uncomfortable, sweaty arm guard throw off your game. The Brine Clutch Arm Guard uses advanced materials and design to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all game long.

Innovative Protection Designed for Lacrosse

Brine has decades of experience crafting innovative lacrosse gear designed to protect athletes while enhancing performance. The Brine Clutch Arm Guard represents the culmination of years of research and feedback from lacrosse players. Every design feature focuses on providing flexible, breathable protection that moves with you on the field.

From youth leagues to college athletes to professionals, Brine understands the needs of lacrosse players at all levels. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to turn those insights into game-ready gear you can trust to boost your performance.

Whether you’re an attacking midfielder dodging checks or a scorer firing shots on goal, the Clutch Arm Guard provides elite protection. Take your game to the next level with lacrosse gear engineered for flexibility, breathability, and superior fit. Just like you, Brine gears up to go all out.


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