Brine Empress Unstrung Lacrosse Head – Ultimate Control for Defenders


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The Brine Empress unstrung lacrosse head is engineered for unmatched ball control and superior stiffness, giving defenders the powerful stick they need to dominate between the pipes. With its long and narrow face shape, the Empress creates a dedicated pocket channel for pinpoint handling and quick, accurate passes upfield. Strategic sidewall structure and flex points boost stiffness for extra security in ground balls and checks. This lightweight yet robust women’s lacrosse head meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specs for elite play from youth to college.

Long, Narrow Face Shape Enables Superior Ball Control

The Empress head features an elongated, narrow face shape that cradles the ball securely in the pocket through cradling, scooping, passing, and shooting motions. This dedicated pocket channel gives players maximum control over ball placement and handling. The pinpoint accuracy afforded by the Empress unstrung head allows defenders to swiftly move the ball out of the zone with quick stick passes to midfielders upfield.

Strategic Sidewall Structure Creates Ideal Flex for Defenders

The sidewall design of the Empress lacrosse head is engineered to produce optimal flex points that improve ball control and checking power. The head’s stiffness provides extra security when scooping ground balls, intercepting passes, and absorbing ball-impact checks. Strategically-placed flex points in the sidewalls allow the head to “give” slightly for excellent ball retention and handling. The balanced stiffness and flex of this women’s lacrosse head delivers the control that defenders need.

Lightweight Yet Tough Materials Stand Up to Elite Play

This unstrung lacrosse head is constructed from stiff yet lightweight materials to produce a robust stick with high strength-to-weight ratio. The head’s durable construction withstands elite play from youth leagues up through college competition. Weighing in at just 5.8oz, the lightweight Brine Empress provides quick reaction time and easy maneuverability demanded by defensive players.

Meets All NOCSAE Standards for Safety

The Brine Empress women’s lacrosse head meets all safety regulations and standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). This ensures that the head is designed with player safety top of mind. The lacrosse head is strung by the player according to the included NOCSAE stringing manual to produce a pocket that meets all stringent NOCSAE ball retention and release rules.

Designed for Superior Stiffness and Strength

This Brine lacrosse head features wraparound sidewall construction that improves stiffness for elite-level control and durability. The molded head is designed with optimal structural properties to withstand impact from checks. The head’s robust construction prevents warping or damage during play. The stiff sidewalls and durable runner design equip this head for championship play from youth leagues through the demanding college game.

Unstrung for Custom Stringing and Pocket Adjustment

The Brine Empress lacrosse head arrives unstrung, allowing players to customize stringing based on position and preference. With an unstrung stick, players can experiment with pocket placement, shooting strings, and whip/release point tuning. As players grow and develop new skills, the pocket can be adjusted for optimal control, hold, and release at any point. Custom stringing also allows matching colors to your team’s uniforms.

Recommended for Elite Defensive Players

Brine designed the Empress lacrosse head with feedback from top college defenders across the nation. The head’s combination of narrow face shape, controlled sidewall flex, and lightweight toughness gives defenders the ball control, hold strength, and quick release needed to dominate. Designed to meet the needs of elite high school and college players, this lacrosse head gives defenders a championship-level piece of equipment.

Backed by Brine’s 1-Year Limited Warranty

Brine stands behind the quality and workmanship of the Empress lacrosse head with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and production. Normal wear-and-tear and neglect/abuse are not covered. Contact Brine customer service regarding any warranty questions or claims.

Bring the same elite-level ball control seen on championship fields to your game with the Brine Empress unstrung lacrosse head. Designed specifically for defenders, this lightweight yet robust head provides unprecedented handling and surgical passing. The long and narrow face shape generates a dedicated pocket channel for pinpoint accuracy. Strategic stiffness combines with molded sidewall flex for best-in-class performance from youth leagues through college. Order the Empress lacrosse head now to defend the crease with confidence this season.


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