Champro Official Regulation Leather Baseball


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Play ball! Up your game with the Champro Official Regulation Leather Baseball. Constructed to meet league standards for high school and youth play, this baseball features a precision molded cork and rubber core cushioned in 5% wool yarn winding and wrapped in quality full grain leather. Whether you’re in the batting cage or on the mound, this durable, authentic baseball gives you the tools to play like the pros.

Official Size and Weight

This regulation baseball has the standard measurements, weight, and materials approved for competitive high school and youth leagues. It measures 9-9.25 inches in circumference and weighs 5-5.25 ounces, the exact size and weight specifications for official game balls. The precise size and weight allow players to develop proper throwing, catching, and batting skills.

Premium Materials

At the core of this exceptional ball is a top grade molded cork and rubber cushioning insert. This spongy core absorbs impact to limit hand sting while optimizing bounce back. The core is supported with a 541 inch 5% wool yarn winding that provides shape, a balanced feel, and improved durability. The exterior features full grain cowhide leather covering renowned for its grain consistency, durability, grip, and performance.

Superior Construction

Every detail of this ball is constructed to meet the highest quality standards for optimal playability. The figure-eight style stitching provides unmatched durability and a perfectly round shape that travels straight and true. The premium leather is tanned to resist weathering and maintain its shape and tackiness. The materials are carefully inspected, measured, and weighed throughout the hand-assembly process to ensure consistency.

Develop Skills and Confidence

This official league baseball helps players build skills and confidence. The authentic weight and feel allow batters to make solid contact, pitchers to perfect control, and fielders to achieve quick response times. The unrivaled quality ensures consistent, reliable performance so players can focus on improving fundamentals from little league to high school ball.

Weather and Wear Resistant

Built to last through countless practices and games, this durable baseball withstands all kinds of weather and wear and tear. The leather cover provides excellent water resistance while the wool yarn winding improves structural integrity. Champro uses quality hides to ensure maximum abrasion resistance. The expert construction resists damage from repeated hits, throws, and contact with dirt and grass.

Trusted by Leagues

For over 50 years, Champro has been a leader and innovator in sports balls manufacturing. Youth and high school leagues across the country choose Champro for its unmatched quality, consistency, and performance. This official baseball meets the rigorous standards required for competitive play. Coaches and players of all levels trust Champro for reliable, long-lasting equipment.

Why Choose the Champro Official Baseball?

  • Official regulation size and weight
  • Premium cork and rubber core
  • 5% wool yarn windings
  • Full grain leather cover
  • Expert construction
  • Develops skills and confidence
  • Durable materials withstand weather and wear
  • Trusted by players and coaches nationwide

Bring your A game with the Champro Official Regulation Leather Baseball! Pick up a few to be fully prepared for practices, scrimmages, and games.


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