Cipton LED Light Up Basketball and Football Set – Official Size Balls with Pump for Indoor and Outdoor Play


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Take your game to the next level with the Cipton LED Light Up Basketball and Football Set. This combo includes a full-size LED basketball and football that light up when bounced, along with a pump for easy inflation. The premium rubber construction ensures maximum durability for endless hours of playtime fun.

Light Up Fun for All Ages

The Cipton LED basketball and football feature colorful LED lights that activate and flash with every bounce and pass. Kids and adults alike will love the excitement this adds to any game, day or night. The lights are safely encased inside the rubber, so they won’t fall out or stop working even with rough, competitive play.

Bring these balls to your next pickup game at the park or blacktop and watch them light up the court. Use them for a game of nighttime street football with friends. Solo practice dribbling and shooting hoops after sunset. Have a blast playing catch with the glowing football in your backyard. The possibilities are endless!

Premium Rubber for Superior Grip and Durability

These balls are constructed from premium rubber that provides excellent grip and control during play. The tacky, pebbled texture makes dribbling, passing, catching and shooting easy for maximum performance.

The durable rubber also withstands repeated impact against concrete and asphalt without losing its shape or bouncing ability. Built to last through countless scrums, layups, spikes, throws and more, these balls will become your go-to for all games and conditions for years to come.

Official Regulation Size

The Cipton basketball has a 29.5 inch circumference and weighs 22 ounces, while the football is a regulation size 5 ball that is 11 inches long and weighs 14-15 ounces. These official dimensions allow you to sharpen your skills and mechanics for competitive league play.

Since they are full-size balls, they are ideal for adults and older kids who have outgrown toy-sized equipment. Use them for serious practice to take your school team or recreational league play to the next level.

All-Weather Durability

The water-resistant design means you can play with these balls rain or shine. The rubber casing prevents moisture from penetrating into the interior, so the lights keep working and the balls maintain their grip and bounce even when wet.

Snow and mud won’t slow you down either. Simply wipe the balls off after use to keep them in top condition. No need to cut your game short just because of a little inclement weather with the Cipton LED basketball and football.

Pump Included for Instant Inflation

A manual pump is included with the set so you can inflate both balls quickly and get playing right away. The double-action pump makes it easy to achieve the proper level of firmness for optimal bouncing and handling.

Detailed instructions are provided, along with needle adapters for each ball valve. In just minutes, you can have these colorful LED balls pumped and ready for action.

Ideal for All Playing Surfaces

Take these durable balls to the neighborhood street hockey court, local gymnasium, backyard patio, basement game room, nearby park, driveway hoops, and more. The rugged rubber construction stands up to asphalt, concrete, wood floors, grass, gravel and other rough playing surfaces so you can play anywhere.

Have impromptu games in spaces without proper sports flooring and rest assured these balls can handle it. Plus, the LED lights make them ideal for dark spaces like basements and garages year-round.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cipton wants you to be thrilled with your LED basketball and football set. That’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just contact Cipton’s helpful customer service team for a replacement or refund.

With its cool illumination, official size, premium durability, and included pump, this value 2-pack has everything you need for next-level basketball and football action. Order the Cipton LED Light Up Basketball and Football Set today and see your games shine!


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