Cleveland Golf Smart Sole Black Satin 4.0 Wedge – Maximum Forgiveness and Spin from Any Lie


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The Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4.0 Wedge features an extra wide three-tiered sole design to deliver maximum forgiveness and improved spin – even from poor lies. This premium wedge promotes crisp feel and consistent distance control.

Ultra Forgiving Three-Tiered Sole Design

This wedge stands out with its enhanced multi-level sole. The three tiers include:

  • Leading edge with higher bounce – Prevents digging and facilitates smooth turf interaction from tight lies
  • Mid section with moderate bounce – Allows for versatility from different lies
  • Trailing edge with lower bounce – Promotes greenside spin and performance

Together, these three sole levels make this one of the most forgiving wedges available. The expanded sole glides smoothly through grass, sand, or rough without digging. This inspires confidence and improves consistency.

Redistributed Weight Improves Feel and Control

Cleveland’s Feel Balancing technology shifts weight from the hosel to the center of the clubface. This optimizes the center of gravity location to achieve better feel on full and partial shots. It also improves distance control so you can reliably hit your numbers.

Aggressive Milled Grooves Maximize Spin

The milled grooves on the precision machined face have a sharper, more defined edge. This aggressive groove design delivers added friction between clubface and ball for maximum spin on pitches, chips, and full shots. Spin equals control – even on finesse shots around the green.

Beautiful Black Satin Finish

The black satin finish gives this wedge a clean, premium look at address. The dark finish reduces glare for better focus. Combined with the alignment line on the flange, it sets up nicely behind the ball.

Trusted Cleveland Quality

As a leader in wedge design for decades, Cleveland Golf obsessively engineers wedges to help average golfers shoot lower scores. This wedge is high-quality down to the smallest details like the custom grip with a reminder ribbon.

Recommended Lofts

This versatile wedge is available in lofts ranging from 46 to 60 degrees. We recommend a 4 wedge setup:

  • 46° Gap Wedge
  • 52° Sand Wedge
  • 56° Lob Wedge
  • 60° Lob Wedge

Experiment to find the right loft gaps and bounce angles for your short game.

Customer Reviews

“This wedge is so easy to hit from any lie – tight fairway, deep rough, greenside bunker. The sole just glides right through without sticking. My short game has improved tremendously thanks to the forgiveness of this club.”

“I’m always afraid of skulling wedge shots, but the Smart Sole 4.0 gives me the confidence I’ve been missing around the greens. Fantastic feel and control from any distance. And it looks fantastic at address too.”

Enjoy All-Around Forgiveness with the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4.0 Wedge

If you want maximum forgiveness and improved spin on wedge shots, choose the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4.0 today. Play with confidence by eliminating chunked chips and pitches.


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