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Show your team spirit in style with the DEHANER Plain Blank Baseball Jerseys. These high-quality jerseys are perfect for customizing for your baseball, softball, or any sports team. Made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester mesh fabric, these jerseys will keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re on the field or in the stands.

Breathable, Lightweight Fabric

The DEHANER Baseball Jerseys are constructed from 100% polyester interlocking mesh fabric. This material is lightweight and breathable, allowing for maximum air flow to keep you cool. The fabric also effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry even during intense games or practices. The smooth interlocking mesh is snag-resistant and retains its shape wear after wear.

Oversized, Loose Fit

These baseball jerseys feature an oversized, loose fit to allow for easy movement during athletic activities. The roomy fit also creates a stylish, laidback look perfect for casual everyday wear. The loose silhouette is ideal for layering over t-shirts or tank tops. For a more tailored look, women can easily tuck the shirt in. With its versatile fit, this blank jersey transitions seamlessly from the field to the street.

Full Button Front

The full button front closure provides a classic baseball jersey look. The buttons run all the way from the collar down to the hem, allowing you to control the ventilation. Unbutton a few at the neckline for a relaxed feel or button up all the way for more coverage. The placket also makes the shirt easy to take on and off.

Short Sleeves

Stay cool with the short sleeves on these baseball jerseys. The sleeves have a close, comfortable fit from shoulder to hem. Their cropped length showcases arms and is ideal for summer wear. The sleeves also give you plenty of mobility for throwing, swinging, or reaching during games and practices.

Bold Contrast Stripe

These jerseys feature bold contrast stripes in vibrant colors down the center and sides. The striking stripes emulate the iconic detailing of classic baseball uniforms. Customize your jerseys by choosing the perfect color combinations to represent your team. The contrast side stripes also create a flattering, slimming effect.

Customizable for Any Team

One of the best features of these DEHANER jerseys is that they arrive plain, ready for you to add your own custom designs. Customize them with your team name, player names and numbers, mascot, or any graphics you choose. Use iron-on transfers or vinyl decals to easily transform these into unique uniforms. They’re perfect for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and any other recreational or competitive sports teams.

Ideal for Hip Hop Dance Teams

In addition to athletic teams, these baseball jerseys are also great for hip hop dance crews. Add your crew name and graphics to create matching looks for competitions and performances. The loose fit allows room to groove, with the breathable mesh fabric keeping dancers cool on stage under the lights. The flashy contrast stripe detailing looks super stylish for any choreographed routine.

Trendy Streetwear Style

When not wearing it for sports or dance, this blank jersey takes on a fashionable streetwear vibe. The oversized silhouette and side stripes give off a hip hop, urban look. Pair it with joggers or jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit with plenty of attitude. This shirt injects a sporty, laidback aesthetic into any streetwear wardrobe.

High-Quality Construction

These DEHANER jerseys are carefully constructed to last. The interlocking mesh fabric retains its color and shape wash after wash. The fabric is snag-resistant and won’t fray at the seams. Each jersey features double-stitched hems and tight seams for enhanced durability. The buttons are securely sewn on to withstand frequent opening and closing. This well-made shirt will maintain its integrity season after season.

Machine-Washable Care

Caring for these baseball jerseys is hassle-free. They can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. Avoid using bleach or other harsh detergents that may fade or damage the fabric. With the right care, the vibrant color and smooth texture will last. For best results, wash garments inside-out and avoid overloading the machine.

With their moisture-wicking fabric, breathable construction, and customizability, the DEHANER Plain Blank Baseball Jerseys are ideal for sports teams and athletic individuals. Their stylish oversized fit also makes them an essential streetwear piece. Grab your own blank jersey and get ready to style it your way!


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