DEYGIR Adjustable Gymnastics Bar for Kids Ages 3-6




Give your little gymnast the tools to thrive with the DEYGIR Adjustable Gymnastics Bar. Perfectly sized for kids ages 3-6, this thoughtfully designed bar promotes healthy development through active play.

Adjust the bar to 4 different heights to keep up with your growing athlete. And with included accessories like rings, swings, and basketball hoops, this multitasking gym set inspires endless fun while building balanced fitness.

The DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar is the ideal training companion for your future Olympian!

Build Balance and Coordination Through Safe Play

As your child masters new physical skills, the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar provides a safe space to challenge their abilities.

The triangular base and rubber floor pads ensure stability as little ones learn to swing, hang, and dismount. Six contact points grip the floor to prevent slipping or tipping.

Smooth steel construction allows for confident gripping and swinging. The bar’s curved edges eliminate sharp corners for carefree play.

With the bar’s safety-first design, you can relax knowing your child is developing athleticism at their own pace. Their coordination and poise will blossom under your watchful eye.

Adjustable Height Accommodates Growing Kids

The DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar cleverly grows alongside your child thanks to its adjustable height mechanism.

At the turn of a knob, you can raise or lower the bar through 4 height settings ranging from 35.4” to 41.3”. Each incremental adjustment is 1.9”, providing just the right boost as your little one’s skills progress.

Use the lowest heights for beginners, helping them build confidence in their reach. As they become more comfortable, extend the bar to offer an exciting new challenge.

By matching the bar to your child’s height, the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar promotes proper strength training while minimizing risk of injury. Kids can develop at their own pace on a bar that’s just right.

All-in-One Station for Gymnastics, Basketball, and Swinging

The DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar takes playground fun to new heights with its multipurpose design!

Two swing chains and a trapeze bar attach easily to the top for heart-pumping aerial adventures. Rings hook on too, for practicing hanging skills that increase grip and arm muscle.

Around the base, a sturdy loop net makes for endless basketball excitement. Kids can burn energy practicing hoops and sharpening their coordination.

By combining gymnastics, swinging, and basketball options in one awesome unit, the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar energizes playtime while building athletic versatility. Now one compact set can satisfy every activity craving!

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Built to Last

Constructed from low-carbon steel pipes and joints, the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar delivers rock-solid stability that withstands energetic play.

The frame incorporates triangle geometry for superior balance and weight distribution. At just 20.34 lbs, the unit is easy to move yet stays firmly planted when in use.

Powder-coated pipes withstand sun, rain, and temperature extremes while preventing rusting. Your kids can unleash their athletic side year-round, enjoying this gym set through every season.

All materials are rigorously tested to hold active kids up to 154.3 lbs. Rest assured that the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar’s resilient construction will keep up with even the most zealous gymnast.

An Active Gift That Lasts Beyond Childhood

The DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Assembled indoors or out, it provides years of developmental benefits tailored to your child.

Watch your toddler gain confidence hanging from the adjustable bar, then see their smile widen as they master new heights. The set grows with your active kid, ready for family fun at birthday parties or backyard gatherings.

Even when your little gymnast eventually outgrows the bar, it remains useful for swing sets, basketball, and other outdoor recreation.

Give the gift of strength, coordination, and cherished memories with the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar – built to raise healthy, happy kids!

DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar – Let the Games Begin!

With adjustable height, sturdy steel construction, and versatile accessories, the DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar is the ideal backyard unit for active youngsters.

Kids can swing, hang, shoot hoops, and leap freely as their athletic skills progress. And parents find peace of mind knowing their children are playing safely.

Bring the playground home with the gym set that grows with your child. The DEYGIR Gymnastics Bar is ready to raise your little superstar!


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