Diamond D-OB Leather Official Baseball Dozen


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Get ready for the big game with a dozen high quality leather baseballs from Diamond Sports. The Diamond D-OB Official Baseball offers exceptional performance and durability for competitive play. With a genuine leather cover, wool windings, and cork and rubber center, these baseballs meet the quality standards required for league and tournament games.

Genuine Leather Cover

The D-OB baseball features a full grain leather cover for optimal grip and control. Leather provides a natural tackiness that allows pitchers to grip the seams tightly for different pitch movements. The leather cover also gives hitters the traction needed for solid, powerful contact. Glove oil rubbed into the leather before final assembly softens the material for enhanced feel right out of the package.

Wool Windings

Underneath the leather, wool windings tightly wrap the core. The wound wool yarn helps the baseball retain its shape after repeated impacts with bats and gloves. The windings also let the ball rebound off the bat with maximum energy transfer for outstanding pop. Wool wound balls stay round and bounce true even after seasons of use.

Cork and Rubber Center

At the heart of the D-OB baseball is a premium cork and rubber center. The combination of granulated cork and rubber blended together provides exceptional rebound characteristics. The materials compress on impact then quickly snap back into form for livelier action. The center has a 70% cork and 30% rubber ratio for MLB regulation bounce. The center is precisely centered within 1/32 inch for balanced flight.

Diamond Seam

Diamond uses double hand-stitched seams with 88 stitches on each baseball. The raised diamond pattern seam gives pitchers clear reference points for grip and control. The elevated stitching also increases tactile feedback between the pitcher’s fingers and ball for more spin potential. For fielders, the pronounced seam improves grip security for confident catches and quick, accurate throws.

Crafted to Last

These baseballs are built to handle game play inning after inning. The top grade leather cover offers abrasion resistance while maintaining a supple feel. Underneath, the wool windings preserve the core shape to prevent flattening over time. With proper care between games, Diamond baseballs can last multiple seasons of recreational and youth league use.

Meets Official Size and Weight Standards

Diamond constructs these baseballs to comply with high school, collegiate, and pro regulations. Each ball measures 9 to 9.25 inches in circumference and weighs 5 to 5.25 ounces. The standard sizing and weight allows players to hone their skills with the same ball dimensions used in live games.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

All Diamond D-OB baseballs are backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We take pride in delivering well-made merchandise to our customers. If any issues arise with the baseballs, contact us for prompt support.

Why Choose Diamond Sports

For over 30 years, Diamond Sports has aimed to bring quality, innovation, and value to every piece of sporting goods equipment we produce. We only use premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to craft gear that performs and lasts. Our baseballs undergo rigorous testing before leaving our facilities to ensure proper bounce, shape retention, and leather quality. With research and development driving our company forward, Diamond continues striving to engineer the best balls, bats, and gloves in the game.

Order a Dozen D-OB Baseball Today

Give your team the game-ready balls they deserve with a dozen Diamond Official Baseballs. The premium construction and feel make these baseballs ideal for player development and competitive league matches. Order now to have high performance baseballs on hand for the entire season.


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