Douglas Zena 25Z Women’s Football Shoulder Pads


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Engineered to match the female form, the Douglas Zena 25Z Women’s Football Shoulder Pads provide lightweight, low-profile protection designed specifically for female athletes. Anatomically contoured and constructed with innovative Air-Management technology, the Zena 25Z helps dissipate impact while conforming to your body for unrestricted mobility.

Developed by Douglas, a recognized leader in football protective equipment, the Zena 25Z shoulder pads utilize an adjustable breast plate assembly so you can customize the fit for optimal coverage and comfort. The pads are contoured to match the angles and curves unique to a woman’s physique, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points that can occur with unisex pads. Strategically placed padding enhances protection over the sternum, collarbone, and shoulders without restricting your motion.

Vented PU foam forms a lightweight shell that moves with you, maintaining a streamlined silhouette from the quarterback position to the defensive secondary. The foam disperses impact on contact then instantly regains shape afterwards to maintain protective integrity. Air-Management mesh on the front and back panels enhances breathability while dispersing force, keeping you cool and protected during games and practices.

The adjustable breast plate utilizes elasticized bands and a quick-release buckle system for a custom fit. You can easily dial in the optimal coverage and secure it in place in seconds. This eliminates gaps that can leave you exposed while allowing full freedom of movement. Soft foam lining cushions your chest and shoulders for comfort during play.

With strategically placed padding for comprehensive protection, the Zena 25Z is ideal for female football players of all positions and skill levels. The contoured shape matches your natural curves while the lightweight padding protects vital areas including the sternum, collarbone, deltoids, and upper back. Perforations along the torso enhance airflow to manage sweat and regulate your body temperature.

The Zena 25Z Women’s Shoulder Pads also feature:

– Quick-release buckles for easy on/off and adjustable breast plate
– Strategic venting to enhance breathability
– Moisture-wicking interior lining to keep you dry
– Durable yet flexible outer shell for ideal impact protection
– Lightweight low-profile design allows full mobility
– Padding contours to the female form for better fit and coverage
– Protection over vital areas like shoulders, clavicle and sternum

Offered in sizes ranging from small to XX-large, the Zena 25Z is engineered specifically with the female athlete in mind. The anatomical design, smart protection placements, and adjustable features combine to provide a shoulder pad that moves, breathes, and protects like no other. Gear up with the Zena 25Z for your best season yet!


– Engineered specifically to match the female form
– Contoured shape for better fit and coverage
– Adjustable breast plate for customized protection
– Vented PU foam shell disperses impact
– Air-Management technology enhances breathability
– Lightweight, low-profile design allows full mobility
– Quick-release buckles for easy on/off
– Moisture-wicking interior lining
– Strategic padding protects sternum, shoulders, collarbone
– Perforations along torso enhance ventilation
– Elasticized bands secure breast plate in place
– Soft foam lines chest and shoulders for comfort
– Protection and mobility for all positions

The Douglas Zena 25Z Women’s Football Shoulder Pads provide lightweight protection engineered specifically for female athletes. The anatomical design, smart padding placements, and breathable construction move and protect like no other shoulder pad.


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