Dudley 2022 Doom USSSA Endload Slowpitch Softball Bat


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Swing for the fences with the new Dudley 2022 Doom USSSA Endload slowpitch softball bat. With a 34″/28 oz. drop 6 design, this bat provides optimized power right out of the wrapper.

Hard Hitting USSSA Certified Performance

Built for today’s most demanding USSSA softball player, the Dudley Doom endload bat unleashes maximum power across the plate. It features certification for play in USSSA, NSA, and ISA softball leagues.

The one-piece alloy construction provides a stiff feel on contact with exceptional bat speed through the zone. Dudley outfits this 2022 Doom model with a 13″ barrel and 1 ounce endload. This creates an extremely fast swinging bat with a sizable sweet spot.

MicroPly Technology for Game Ready Power

Dudley infuses their innovative MicroPly Technology into the barrel design of this Doom softball bat. This advanced construction manipulates the interior wall thickness to maximize pop and eliminate break-in time. The result is a hard hitting bat with a game ready feel right off the shelf.

Players no longer have to waste precious innings dialing in their bat’s peak performance. As soon as this Doom model arrives, you can take it straight to the field knowing the barrel is primed for maximum power on contact.

New Smaller Power Knob

To help players wield this bat with ultimate control, Dudley outfits it with an updated Power Knob. This knob design is significantly smaller than previous models. The reduced size allows for a more comfortable, balanced grip without obstructing the lower hand during swings.

Despite the smaller profile, the knob still effectively reduces painful sting when mishitting balls off the handle. By dissipating vibrations, it protects the bottom hand from discomfort. This keeps you confidently swinging through every pitch.

Oversized Sweet Spot in a Balanced Design

The 2022 Doom USSSA bat provides a massive sweet spot in a carefully constructed design. The 13″ barrel length is optimized for power across an expanded hitting surface. You’ll drive balls with authority when making contact anywhere from the end cap to 6 inches up the barrel.

This über forgiving sweet spot couples ideally with the balanced swing weight. The feel places mass closer to the hands instead of heavily out toward the end cap. This makes controlling the bat easier while still benefitting from a faster whip through the zone.

Trusted Quality Backed by a Warranty

Dudley stands behind the quality of this Doom endload USSSA bat with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This protects against defects in materials and workmanship. Should any issues arise due to normal game play during the first 12 months, Dudley will repair or replace the bat.

Known as an industry leader since the 1970s, Dudley’s reputation is staked on the reliability of their bats. Trust that this Doom model upholds that commitment to excellence with unmatched power approved for USSSA softball.

Bring the Doom to Your Softball Opponents

unteash some explosive power this season with the Dudley 2022 Doom USSSA Endload softball bat. Certified for sanctioned league play, it provides a game ready barrel using advanced MicroPly Technology. Swing with confidence and control thanks to the minimized Power Knob and balanced design. Backed by Dudley’s reputation for quality, this Doom bat is built to help dominate the field in USSSA leagues!


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