Easton Groundwork Fastpitch Softball Training Glove – Morgan Stuart Model


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Engineered in collaboration with softball defensive training expert Morgan Stuart, the Easton Groundwork Fastpitch Softball Training Glove delivers the perfect tool to accelerate your play. Specifically designed for fastpitch players with a women’s fit, this softball glove trains quick hands and smooth transfers to take your defense to the next level.

Collaboration with Softball Defensive Authority

Easton partnered with Morgan Stuart, a former college softball player and current defensive training authority, to create the ideal fastpitch softball training glove. Morgan drew from her expertise coaching thousands of female athletes to provide unique insights into the needs of serious fastpitch players. Her guidance ensured this glove trains the lightning-quick hands and smooth transfers vital for elite softball defense.

Accelerates Defensive Quickness

The lightweight 10-inch I-web design strips away excess bulk to eliminate anything slowing down your hands. The streamlined profile moves effortlessly to sharpen reflexes and build quickness. The snug women’s fit eliminates extra material interfering with smooth catches and transfers. Within weeks, you’ll notice crisper execution and quicker reactions to snag more balls.

Engineered for Female Fastpitch Players

From the snug fit to the scaled-down size, every detail of this glove focuses on the female fastpitch player. The hand-opening and finger stalls size proportionally to fit the average female hand. A flexible closure adjusts for a secure, customized fit across the wrist. At just 10 inches, the compact glove moves easily in the infield to train smooth transfers. The I-web centrally positions the pocket to accelerate transfers and throwing.

Quantum Closure System

Easton’s Quantum Closure System provides the ideal adjustable wrist closure for a fastpitch training glove. Unlike a rigid male baseball glove, this glove’s closure adjusts across the wrist for a secure fit. An internal lace allows you to customize the tightness until the glove fits like a second skin. Once set, embedded memory foam conforms to your wrist for a stable, personalized fit.

Lightweight Materials Build Quickness

At just 14 ounces, this is one of the lightest fastpitch training gloves available. Ultra-lightweight synthetic leather reduces bulk so nothing slows down your hands. The 10-inch profile moves easily to build hand quickness for both catching and transferring. Mesh finger gussets eliminate excess material and ventilate hands on hot days. The glove feels like an extension of your hand to accelerate reflexes.

I-Web Directs Balls to the Pocket

The 10-inch I-web shapes the pocket to speed transfers and throwing. By removing material, it prevents the glove from bulking up to weigh down hands. The vertical I-web also directs balls straight into the pocket for secure catches. As you break-in the glove, the pocket shapes directly under the web for lightning-quick transfers.

Softball Glove vs Training Glove

How is a softball training glove different from a game glove? Training gloves use lightweight designs to build quickness. Limited padding improves feel and feedback. Snug fits connect glove to hand. Compact shapes improve mobility. Training gloves also break-in faster than game gloves. All these features develop quick hands and smooth transfers to improve defense. Once skills improve, transfer those gains to your gamer.

Breaks in Faster

The Easton Groundwork training glove breaks in faster than a game glove to accelerate skill gains. The synthetic leather softens quickly for an immediate game-ready feel. Minimal padding also speeds the break-in so hand and glove function as one. As you work the pocket, it shapes to your playing style. Within just a few weeks, you’ll enjoy a custom-feeling training glove tailored to your specific needs.

Softens with Use

The longer you use your Easton Groundwork glove, the better it feels. The synthetic leather progressively softens and conforms to your hand. Precision patterns place leather where needed for structure while eliminating excess material. As you continually flex and shape the glove, it progressively mirror your hand. The snug fit connects you to glove so it responds like an extension of your hand.

Maintain Your Glove

With regular use, your Easton Groundwork glove will soften and shape to your hand. To maintain peak performance, keep the leather conditioned. Use glove oil or conditioner once or twice a month in the off-season. During season, condition every couple weeks as needed. Store your glove loosely rather than crunched in a ball. Before games, liberally apply glove oil and work the pocket. Your glove will reward you with seasons of accelerated defensive performance.

Bring your defense to the next level with the Easton Groundwork Fastpitch Softball Training Glove. Designed in collaboration with softball legend Morgan Stuart, every detail focuses on building quickness for elite fastpitch skills. Get match-ready defense with the Easton advantage.


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