Easton HYPE FIRE 2024 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat | 2 3/4 in Barrel | -8 Drop | Light Swing Weight


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Unlock Your Inner Fire on the Diamond with the Easton HYPE FIRE Baseball Bat

Take your game to the next level with the power and precision of the Easton HYPE FIRE 2024 USSSA youth baseball bat. This lightweight stick packs a punch with its redesigned TCT barrel that delivers a massive sweet spot and slams balls out of the park. The optimized handle flex and advanced Connexion technology eliminate vibration for premium comfort and feel on contact. When you’re ready to bring the heat at the plate, grip this bat and ignite your inner fire.

Redesigned Barrel Boasts Longer, Lighter Construction for Fierce Performance

Easton pulled out all the stops when redesigning the HYPE FIRE’s two-piece composite barrel. The advanced TCT construction is meticulously crafted to achieve the perfect balance of a longer, lighter barrel that still outputs exceptional power. By minimizing unnecessary mass in the barrel design, Easton created a longer barrel that maximizes exit velocity. The extended sweet spot generates incredible pop and allows you to drive balls into the gaps with authority. Even on mishits, you’ll still feel the shock-absorbing barrel flex and see the ball jump off the bat.

Ultra-Responsive Feel with Vibration-Eliminating Connexion MAX Technology

In between the redesigned barrel and the lightweight composite handle, Easton placed its innovative Connexion MAX technology. This connective piece isolates vibrations for a smoother feel on contact. The advanced construction seamlessly transfers energy to the barrel on each swing to maximize pop and distance. You can confidently swing away knowing this bat eliminates negative feedback in the hands. The Connexion technology also reinforces the barrel against cracking and denting during intense play.

OptiFlex Handle Promotes Ideal Whip and Control Through the Zone

The HYPE FIRE’s one-piece composite handle with OptiFlex technology generates the ideal flex profile for lightning-quick swing speeds. The engineered handle moves with your hands to promote an effortless whip and maximize bat head acceleration. The flexible yet sturdy handle also provides exceptional control as you guide the barrel through the zone. The comfortable tapered grip supports proper positioning for highly responsive swings. With this handle’s balanced flex and feel, you’ll enjoy enhanced bat control and more solid contact pitch after pitch.

Light Swing Weight Helps Increase Bat Speed and Barrel Control

By reducing unnecessary mass in the handle and balancing the barrel design, Easton created an exceptionally lightweight swing weight in this stick. The HYPE FIRE feels almost weightless in your hands to reduce fatigue and muscle strain during long games. The lower M01 also boosts speed by allowing you to swing with less effort. More speed equals more power as you fire balls out of the park. Along with faster swing times, the light swing weight gives you greater control over the barrel as you make adjustments right up to the point of contact.

Stamp of Approval: USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified

This bat boasts USSSA 1.15 BPF certification to make it legal for USSSA sanctioned play. The 1.15 BPF stamp ensures the barrel has passed rigorous performance testing for its power potential. The USSSA stamp also indicates the bat meets the requirements for barrel dimensions and TCT composite material standards. You can step into the box with total confidence knowing your bat meets approval for USSSA leagues and tournaments.


  • 2024 Aluminum and Composite Construction
  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -8 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 1-Piece Composite Handle
  • Redesigned TCT Barrel
  • Connexion MAX Technology
  • OptiFlex Handle
  • Light Swing Weight
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified
  • Legal for USSSA Sanctioned Play

Bring the heat and electrify your offense with the 2024 Easton HYPE FIRE USSSA bat. The redesigned barrel and advanced technologies deliver optimized power and feel for next-level performance. When you’re ready to reach peak potential at the plate, grip this bat and unleash your inner fire.


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