Easton Ronin 240 Alloy Balanced Slowpitch Softball Bat – 12″ Barrel for Power Hits and Accuracy


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Dominate the game with the Easton Ronin 240 alloy slowpitch softball bat. This bat unleashes the perfect swing to crush balls deep into the outfield. With a balanced weight and massive 12-inch sweet spot, you’ll hit for power and have complete control.

The Easton Ronin is engineered for discerning adult recreational and competitive softball players. The lightweight yet durable ATAC alloy construction gives you faster swing speed without fatiguing your arms. Effortlessly whip the bat through the zone to make solid contact for soaring hits.

The evenly balanced swing weight puts you in command of your hits. Whether you prefer to hit for contact or power, this bat won’t let you down. The balanced feel gives you fluid control to place hits anywhere in the field. Plus, the balanced design reduces vibration to keep stinging hands at bay.

The 12-inch barrel packs a massive sweet spot to really punish balls. Even slightly mishit balls rocket off the extended barrel. The barrel maximizes your power potential to knock balls out of sight. Just make contact and watch it fly.

The ultra-thin 29/32-inch handle provides a comfortable grip to swing with confidence. It allows your top hand to snap the barrel through the zone with lightning-quick reflexes. The textured All-Sports grip gives you cushioned comfort to battle through long games, hot days, and rain delays.

This Easton slowpitch softball bat holds up under heavy use at the plate thanks to its durable one-piece aluminum alloy construction. The alloy is lightweight yet capable of withstanding repetitive impacts. Season after season, it maintains its pop and smooth feel during contact.

On top of amazing performance, this bat is approved for sanctioned league and tournament play across the country. It meets the standards for USA, USSSA, ISA, NSA, and WBSC leagues. Grab this bat with the confidence that you can bring it to any field and start mashing.

With the Easton Ronin 240, you’ll have the power, control, and confidence to take your softball game to the next level. The balanced swing weight gives you fluidity in your swing path while the ATAC alloy provides whip-like speed through the hitting zone. Smash balls anywhere in the field and watch them soar deep thanks to the massive sweet spot. This is your new secret weapon to dominate slowpitch softball games.

Product Features:

– Designed for adult recreational & competitive slowpitch softball players

– ATAC alloy construction for fast swing speed & massive sweetspot

– 12-inch barrel & balanced weight for power hits & control

– Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle with All-Sports grip for comfort

– Approved for USA, USSSA, WBSC, ISA & NSA league & tournament play


– Balanced swing weight gives you fluidity & control over hits

– Lightweight yet durable alloy provides faster swing speed

– Reduces painful vibration & stinging hands

– Massive 12-inch sweet spot crushes balls with power hits

– Comfortable grip battles weather conditions & long games

Ideal For:

– Adult slowpitch softball players

– Recreational & competitive league games

– Batting practice & cage sessions

– Maximizing power & control at the plate

– Hitting for average & driving deep balls

Bat Specifications:

– Length: 34 inches

– Weight: 26 oz

– Barrel: 12 inches

– Handle: 29/32 inches

– Material: ATAC alloy

– Certifications: USA, USSSA, WBSC, ISA, NSA approved

Be the power hitter your team needs with the Easton Ronin 240 alloy slowpitch bat. With its balanced swing weight, massive sweet spot, and speedy alloy construction, you’ll have the confidence and control to consistently crush balls.


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