ELKCIP 6-Pack Size 5 Soccer Balls – Regulation Size for Competitive Play




Step up your soccer game with this value pack of 6 size 5 soccer balls from ELKCIP. Featuring regulation size for teens and adults, these high-quality balls are ideal for competitive league games, intense practices and recreational fun. The durable construction withstands vigorous play on any surface, while the textured cover enables precise control and powerful shots down the field.

Complete Set for Exciting Soccer Action

This convenient bundle contains everything needed for dynamic soccer games:

  • 6 size 5 soccer balls meeting official dimensions
  • A manual pump for quick inflation
  • A durable nylon mesh bag for easy storage and transport

With multiple regulation balls provided, the entire team can practice drills, scrimmage and develop their passing, dribbling and shooting skills. The included pump allows for quick, easy inflation so balls are ready for action in minutes. The mesh bag keeps spare balls protected and prevents deflation between games.

Durable Cover and Bladder for Superior Performance

Built to deliver during competitive play, these soccer balls feature a quality synthetic leather cover surrounding a sturdy lined bladder. The durable exterior retains its shape well and withstands aggressive kicks, hard stops and forceful headers. The excellent air retention enables consistent bounce and flight game after game.

The textured cover enables precise ball control and handling. The raised pebble design provides excellent grip and touch, allowing players to bend shots, make pinpoint passes and maneuver the ball down the field. These high-performance balls maintain their shape and deliver reliable play on grass, turf or hard indoor surfaces.

Official Size 5 for Teens and Adults

This size 5 ball meets official dimensions for professional league play across the globe. The standard weight and size help develop players’ skills for competitive games.

Key size 5 specifications:

  • Circumference: 27-28 inches
  • Weight: 14-16 ounces
  • Ideal for ages 13+
  • Used in professional matches

The full-size ball allows experienced players to make precise contact for accurate passes and shots on goal. The weight provides solid feel when dribbling, trapping and propelling the ball downfield.

Whether you’re an aspiring striker looking to improve shooting accuracy or a goalie training to block full-power penalty kicks, this regulation size 5 ball helps take your skills to the next level. Use for intense team practices and recreational kickarounds.

Built for Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Play

Designed for versatility, these durable balls can be used inside or outside year-round.

The textured outer material provides excellent control on grass, turf, blacktop and hard indoor surfaces like wood or concrete. The vigorous bounce keeps action fast-paced when scrimmaging teammates or playing casual pickup games at the park.

In the backyard or local field, these soccer balls retain shape and air pressure very well through dynamic shots, passes and traps. Take the fun inside by deflating balls to play in recreation rooms, gyms and more. Inflate again anytime for full-speed outdoor action.

The Perfect Balls for Soccer Players and Fans

This essential set makes a thoughtful gift for the soccer lover in your life. Packed with multiple regulation size balls and inflation accessories, it provides everything needed for practice and friendly competition.

Great for:

  • Youth, high school and collegiate players
  • Adult rec league participants
  • Soccer coaches and trainers
  • Soccer moms and dads
  • Avid fans and pickup players
  • Soccer-themed birthday gifts

Surprise a devoted player or fanatic fan with these high-quality balls purpose-built for competitive, high-intensity play indoors and out.

Experience professional-grade ball handling and control. Add this essential 6-pack to your cart today!


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