FINCHLEY Forged Golf Wedge Set – Spin Control for Short Game Mastery


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Master your short game with the FINCHLEY Forged Golf Wedge Set. With a gap, sand, and lob wedge optimized for any scenario around the green, these wedges provide the unmatched versatility, precision, and feel you need to take your scoring potential to the next level.

Dialed-In Loft Gapping for Seamless Integration

The loft configuration of the FINCHLEY wedges is strategically calibrated to fill the yardage gaps in your bag. The 52° gap wedge is ideal for full swing shots of 90-110 yards. Use the 56° sand wedge as your go-to club for 60-100 yard shots out of the bunker or fairway. For finesse shots under 60 yards, the 60° lob wedge allows you to maximize height and spin to stick tight approach shots. The lofts work cohesively together and with your irons to give you confidence in your club selection.

Consistent Backspin from Milled Face Grooves

The precision-milled face ensures every groove is uniformly cut to promote consistent contact and reliable backspin. Regardless of the turf conditions, you can trust these wedges to generate enough spin to control trajectory and maximize stopping power on pitches, chips, and full shots. The milled grooves maintain their sharpness to continue providing spin as the wedges wear.

Superior Feel Through Forged Construction

FINCHLEY uses premium soft carbon steel in a forging process to deliver an unparalleled soft, solid feel. The instant feedback at impact allows you to accurately judge shot distance and finesse touch shots precisely. The clean contact sensation builds confidence in your ability to execute delicate greenside shots and dial in your short game skill.

Adaptable Grind and Bounce for Any Lie or Shot

The sole grind and bounce of each wedge is strategically designed to provide versatility from every turf situation. The gap and sand wedges feature a moderate bounce to maintain versatility from tight lies in the fairway to fluffy bunkers. The higher bounce lob wedge glides smoothly through sand and allows you to excel at finesse shots around the green. Master your short game as you shape and execute specialty shots with precision.

Unbeatable Value in a Forged Wedge Set

FINCHLEY wedges deliver sophisticated playability and pleasing feel typically reserved for premium forged wedges, but at a price that makes upgrading your bag accessible. Eliminate gaps in your short game without breaking the bank.

Take Your Scoring Potential to the Next Level

Bridge the yardage gaps and master your short game with the FINCHLEY Forged Golf Wedge Set. Dialed lofts, versatile grinds, and premium forged feel give you the tools to hit precise shots with spin, become adaptable from any lie, and lower your handicap by taking strokes off your short game.

Set Includes:

  • 52° Gap Wedge
  • 56° Sand Wedge
  • 60° Lob Wedge

Key Features:

  • Strategic loft configuration to fill yardage gaps
  • Milled grooves generate consistent spin and control
  • Forged soft carbon steel provides superb feel
  • Grind and bounce options for shots from any lie
  • Outstanding value from a premium forged wedge set

Bring your A-game around the greens with the control, precision, and feel of the FINCHLEY Forged Golf Wedge Set.


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