FORZA Full Height Football Tackle Dummies – Essential Football Training Equipment for All Ages


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Prepare your team for game day success with the FORZA Full Height Football Tackle Dummies. With 5 sizes ranging from 39 to 53 inches tall, these tackling dummies provide a realistically sized opponent for players of all ages to hone their tackling technique.

Built Tough for Hard Hits and All Weather Training

The heavy-duty 600GSM PVC outer shell withstands heavy rainfall and intense tackle drills, while the multi-layered foam core absorbs impact to protect your athletes. No need to cut practice short due to bad weather – the weatherproof design allows for training in any conditions.

Dense Foam Absorbs Hits to Reduce Injury Risk

Player safety is a top priority, which is why the FORZA Football Tackle Dummies feature a dense foam core to disperse impact. The multi-layered interior construction minimizes risk of injury during tackling drills. Proper technique is crucial, and these training dummies allow athletes to perfect form while staying protected.

5 Size Options for All Positions and Age Groups

With 5 sizes to choose from, you can select the perfect tackle dummy for your team’s needs:

MINI Size – 39″ tall x 14″ diameter, 17 lb – For athletes up to 10 years old

JUNIOR Size – 45″ tall x 14″ diameter, 30 lb – Ages 10-14 years old

YOUTH Size – 49″ tall x 14″ diameter, 33 lb – For youth teams and women’s teams

SENIOR Size – 53″ tall x 14″ diameter, 40 lb – For high school, college, and pro teams

JUMBO Size – 53″ tall x 17″ diameter, 44 lb – For elite and pro-level teams

With multiple sizes, the whole roster can practice proper tackling form. Lower the risk of injury this season with the right size dummy for each age group and position.

Built-In Handles for Easy Transport and Positioning

Integrated handles on the top, bottom, and rear make it easy to move the FORZA Football Tackle Dummies before and after practice. Handles allow you to hold the bag firmly in place during tackling drills for proper training. With 5 lightweight sizes, transporting and storing the dummies is seamless.

Take Your Team’s Tackling to the Next Level

Elevate your training with tackle dummies built to withstand repeated hits from youth to professional athletes. Whether practicing solo or running full team drills, these foam-filled bags improve form for safer, more effective tackling. With sizes for every position, you can feel confident sending your players into live action.

Start the Season Off Right with Proper Tackling Form

The stakes are high on game day, which is why practice is so important. The FORZA Football Tackling Dummies help build muscle memory for proper tackle technique through repeated drills. Lower the risk of dangerous helmet-to-helmet contact by consistently practicing ideal form.

Built for High Intensity Tackling Drills

From the first summer practice to the last game of the season, these foam tackling dummies withstand repeated hits from athletes giving 100% effort. Durable PVC shell and multi-layered foam core absorb intense impact for months of hard training.

Simulator Real-Game Tackling Challenges

With 5 height options, you can simulate tackling challenges players will face on the field like:
– Tackling a running back who’s breaking into the open field
– A receiver catching a high pass you need to stop quickly
– Taking down a tall tight end after the catch
– Stopping the quarterback before he can scramble for a first down

Safer Tackling Protects Athletes from Injury

Developing the right tackling habits early is crucial for injury prevention. The FORZA Football Tackling Dummies allow athletes to perfect proper head placement and body positioning with zero risk. Confident, technical tackling leads to fewer missed tackles and injuries.

Built to Withstand All Weather Conditions

Don’t let rain, snow, or mud cut tackle practice short. The weatherproof 600GSM PVC shell allows for all weather training so your players are prepared to perform in any game day conditions. Wet weather won’t diminish tackling technique when you use the FORZA all weather dummies.

Take your team’s skills to the next level this season with the FORZA Full Height Football Tackle Dummies. Designed to withstand high intensity, full contact drills from multiple players, these tackling bags build better technique for safer and more effective tackling on game day.


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