FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Height Hoop for Indoor & Outdoor Use


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Perfect Your Shot with the FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

Take your game to the next level with the FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop. This professional-grade hoop is designed for robust performance during solo practice, competitive games, or casual shoot arounds.

The FORZA hoop features an adjustable height mechanism that allows you to set the hoop anywhere from 7.5 to 10 feet. Lower it down for kids just learning to shoot, or raise it up to regulation 10ft for authentic gameplay. The adjustable height makes this hoop versatile for players of all ages and skill levels.

Constructed from premium materials, this basketball hoop is built to withstand intense gameplay for years to come. The backboard is made from a shatterproof polycarbonate material that mimics the rebound and playability of real glass backboards. The 18 inch steel rim features a durable powder coated finish and thick bracing for unmatched stability when dunking.

The entire pole system and backboard mount are crafted from weather resistant steel. This durable construction allows you to install this basketball hoop outdoors without worry of rust, fading, or weather damage. The backboard is also UV protected to prevent fading or cracking after extended sun exposure.

Whether you’re looking to hone your skills for the upcoming season or simply want a hoop for family recreation, the FORZA Wall Mount delivers professional quality at an affordable price point. Transform any empty wall space or concrete slab into your own personal arena.

Key Features:

– Adjustable height from 7.5ft to 10ft for versatile use
– Shatterproof polycarbonate backboard sized at 44”x32”
– Heavy-duty 18” steel rim with all-weather white powder coated finish
– Padded foam backing protects backboard during aggressive play
– Rust resistant pole system crafted from premium powder coated steel
– Complete weather resistance for indoor/outdoor installation
– UV protected backboard prevents fading or cracking
– Mounting hardware included for simple DIY installation
– Meets all high school and NCAA size regulations

Adjustable Height for All Ages & Abilities

The FORZA basketball hoop’s adjustable pole system allows you to set the hoop height anywhere from 7.5 feet up to the full 10 foot regulation height. Lowering the hoop gives younger players the chance to develop their skills without frustration. As they grow in height and ability, simply raise the hoop incrementally to provide an appropriate but challenging setup.

The adjustable mechanism makes it easy for a single hoop to accommodate an entire family. Lower it for kids to practice layups and free throws, then raise it up for Mom and Dad to play some competitive one-on-one!

Regulation size rims set at 10 feet are also useful training tools for more advanced players. Shooting on a regulation hoop improves muscle memory for long range shots and proper arc. The adjustable design means this hoop grows along with any player’s improving abilities.

Built from Quality Materials for Superior Performance

The FORZA basketball hoop is constructed from heavy-duty materials selected for outdoor durability and authentic playability.

The backboard is crafted from a shatterproof polycarbonate that provides the same rebound strength and ball response as real glass. A steel frame with bracing arms connects the backboard to the pole system, keeping the hoop stable even during aggressive slam dunks.

The 18 inch round steel rim features double thickness support braces and an all-weather white powder coated finish. Steel net hooks and a durable nylon net are also included.

The entire pole system is made from premium powder coated steel. This durable construction deters rusting and corrosion, while providing a rock solid foundation for the hoop. Even the backboard mount connects directly to the pole for increased stability.

Premium quality materials combine to deliver a professional-grade basketball hoop designed for authentic rebound, feel, and rigidity. Enjoy smooth bank shots, powerful dunks, and perfect swishes shot after shot.

Transform Your Space into a Basketball Oasis

The FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop is designed for simple installation right where you want it. Choose from garage or backyard walls, posts, or other vertical surfaces.

The wall mount design gets your hoop set up and ready for action without the need for permanent footings or poured concrete pads. As long as you have a suitable vertical mounting surface, your new hoop can be installed in just a few hours using simple tools.

Set up your own backyard court for family recreation or solo practice sessions. Coaches can provide team access to a regulation hoop right at school facilities. Commercial gyms and fitness centers will appreciate a durable hoop ready for clients and members.

Wherever you decide to install it, the FORZA basketball hoop delivers authentic play and durable construction designed to transform your space into a basketball haven. Enjoy perfect swishes, intense competition, and skill development for athletes of all ages.

Shop FORZA for a Superior Basketball Experience

Bring professional-quality equipment right to your home court with the FORZA Wall Mounted Adjustable Basketball Hoop. Contact FORZA to learn more about this commercial-grade basketball hoop designed for establishments and residences alike.


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