Goplus Wall Mounted 29” x 20” Polypropylene Backboard with Steel Rim Basketball Hoop – Enjoy Exciting Hoops Action Anywhere at Any Height!


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Transform any door or wall into your own personal stadium with the Goplus Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop. This 29” x 20” shatterproof polypropylene backboard and weatherproof steel rim set up in seconds, so you can start savoring those crowd-thrilling slam dunks immediately.

Whether you want to relive your high school glory days or bond with your kids through hoops, this portable basketball system delivers realistic rebound action and conveniently adjustable height options. So take your basketball skills from the driveway to inside with this game-changing home basketball set for all ages!

Built Sturdy for All-Weather Play

Designed to handle rough play for years, the Goplus basketball backboard is constructed from shatter-resistant polypropylene. This high-density material provides the rebound response you need to bank those shots while standing up to the hardest dunks and avoiding cracks.

The weatherproof steel rim with an all-weather nylon net also keeps up with intense games, rain or shine. Plenty durable for daily games, the professional-style hoop gives you that satisfying swish with every shot.

Easy Wall or Door Mounting for Portable Fun

Tired of being stuck shooting hoops in the driveway? The Goplus Basketball Hoop mounts right onto any wall or door for exciting indoor action.

Using the included hardware, securely attach the padded backboard frame to your chosen surface in just minutes. Two steel braces firmly support the rim above while preventing backboard vibration.

Then start wheeling and dealing against your kids, roommates, or co-workers in impromptu hoops challenges anywhere – bedrooms, dorms, office doors, and more!

Adjustable Heights Accommodate All Ages

The hoop height adjusts easily between heights of 6 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments without tools. Lower it for kids just learning to sink short shots, then move it up to challenge your teens with high bank shots off the glass.

Adults can relive schoolyard showdowns at regulation 10-foot heights for driving layups and power dunks. With flexible height options,Exciting Hoops Action Anywhere at Any Height! the whole family can develop skills while bonding over exciting basketball games.

Score Hours of Active Fun Anywhere

Now you can practice those crowd-rousing slam dunks and 3-pointers anytime – no trip to the gym required.

At just 14.4 pounds, the lightweight Goplus Basketball Hoop transports anywhere to get your heart pumping with fast-paced fun. Hang it in your dorm room for pick-up games between study sessions or let the kids burn off energy shooting hoops in the basement.

With tough backboard rebound and simple setup, this portable hoop brings competitive excitement into any room. Join the march madness and bring home the thrill of full-court gameplay with the Goplus Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop!


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