GoSports XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders – Safely Simulates Defenders for Basketball, Soccer, Football and More


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Take your team’s training to the next level with the GoSports XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders. This innovative 3-pack of defenders helps coaches safely simulate opposing players during practice drills for improved footwork, agility and skill development.

Collapsible pop-up defenders uniquely allow you to add dynamic, game-like conditions to drills. The free-standing weighted bases ensure the blockers stay upright when engaged, then neatly collapse for storage.

Use these versatile defenders at practice for basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse and more! The included eBook provides example drills to incorporate the blockers for sport-specific training across multiple positions.

Simulate Opponents for Dynamic Training

Stationary cones just don’t cut it when you want to train your athletes for the realities of facing a moving, engaged defender. XTRAMAN Blockers allow you to safely simulate opponents to encourage sharp cuts, improved footwork and tight ball handling skills.

The 2.5lb weighted bases keep the blockers firmly planted when players interact with them during drills. As athletes maneuver around the 6ft tall defenders, the bending joint provides realistic flex so players learn to adjust their movements accordingly.

Easy push button release allows the defenders to neatly collapse down to just 2ft tall for transport and storage. Take these game-changing training tools with you to practice in the included carrying case.

Sport-Specific Drills for Skill Development

The included eBook provides detailed examples of drills you can incorporate into your training across multiple sports:

Basketball: Use XTRAMAN defenders to help perfect crossovers, hesitations, spins and more against simulated defense. Train guards to sharpen handles and footwork when attacking the basket.

Soccer: Dribble through tight spaces and maneuver downfield with agility by winding through the pop-up defenders.

Football: Run routes and practice releases against simulated coverage. Work on protecting the ball while navigating through the blockers.

Lacrosse: Master cradling, scooping and accurate passing using the defenders as obstacles.

The flexible weighted bases ensure the XTRAMAN blockers stand up to repeated athlete engagement indoors or outdoors. Use them season after season to elevate your training.

Take Athletic Development to the Next Level

XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders allow you to simulate game-like pressure and obstacles to unlock next level training. Key benefits include:

  • Sharpen footwork, agility and ball handling skills
  • Safely simulate defenders without risk of contact injuries
  • Adjustable height engages players at game-realistic angles
  • Weighted bases keep upright when engaged by athletes
  • Collapse for easy portability and storage

Invest in your team’s development with these innovative defenders built to help athletes excel in game situations.

Bring the XTRAMAN Blockers to your next practice and watch skills improve right before your eyes!

What’s Included:

  • 3 XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders
  • Mesh Carrying Case for Portability
  • Printed Drills eBook

Product Details:

  • Material: Durable polyethylene plastic construction
  • Dimensions: 6ft tall playing mode, 2ft collapsed for storage
  • Base Diameter: 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.5lbs per base for stability
  • Recommended Age: 5 years old & up
  • Sport Type: Basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and more

Elevate your training to the next level and build better athletes with the GoSports XTRAMAN Blocker Pop-Up Defenders!


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