GoSports XTRAMAN Lifelike Soccer Training Dummy – Develop Ball Skills Solo or With Teammates


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Take your soccer skills to the next level with the GoSports XTRAMAN Soccer Dummy. This lifelike defender training mannequin was developed in collaboration with professional players and coaches to help players of all abilities improve their passing, dribbling, shooting, and more.

With its humanlike size and look, the XTRAMAN training dummy is ideal for solo drills or team practices. Work on faking out a defender, dribbling around opponents, crossing, and other key techniques that will give you an edge on the field.

Practice Key Skills for Better Ball Control

The XTRAMAN allows you to master technical skills from the comfort of your own backyard. Its durable, freestanding design with stable weighted base makes it perfect for all kinds of drills:

Passing: Improve your passing accuracy and technique by sending crisp ground passes between multiple XTRAMAN dummies. The lifelike design will make you feel like you’re connecting passes between real teammates.

Dribbling: Sharpen your footwork and close control by maneuvering the ball around standing or leaning XTRAMAN defenders. The mannequins allow you to simulate playing in tight spaces against real opponents.

Shooting: Work on placement and power by working free kick shots over or around a simulated wall of XTRAMAN dummies. Their humanlike height helps you practice realistic kicking scenarios.

Crossing and Finishing: Practice sending in crosses or through balls to beat XTRAMAN defenders, then work on your volleys and headers to finish off the play. The size and stature mimics real soccer gameplay.

Versatile Solo or Team Training

The XTRAMAN training dummy was designed for versatility. Use it on your own to sharpen individual skills, or team up with friends to practice game-like scenarios and drills:

Individual Training

– Place the dummy in the goal to practice shots on target from all angles and distances
– Lean it against a wall or fence to send curveball passes and shots around it
– Lay it on its side to work on chips, lobs, and crossing over a simulated defender

Group Training:

– Line up multiple dummies for weaving dribbling or passing drills
– Lean dummies together to practice bending shots and crosses around a wall
– Place them as defenders to sharpen ball control and footwork to get past opponents

The XTRAMAN is great for coaches to use for youth or adult team drills. The dummy provides a lifelike presence to help players envision real gameplay situations.

Durable and Portable Design

The XTRAMAN is constructed from soft foam and features a stable square weighted base that keeps it upright during drills. It’s durable enough for daily use and has the following features:

– Built in carrying handle makes it easy to transport to practices or games
– Soft foam material won’t scuff balls during practice
– Weighs just 15 lbs for easy portability and storage
– Freestanding design allows for solo or unsupervised practice
– Heights adjust from 5 – 6 feet tall to simulate junior or adult defenders

Take your skills to the next level and get a competitive edge with the XTRAMAN Soccer Defender Training Dummy. Order yours today!


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