Haull 60 Pcs Spot Markers Floor Spots with Bag – Versatile Non Slip Vinyl Poly Dots for Agility Training, Games, Workouts & More


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Turn any space into an interactive playground with the Haull 60 Piece Spot Markers Set! This vibrant collection includes 60 durable vinyl poly dots in 6 bright colors to designate zones, direct traffic, and add organized fun to gym classes, sports practices, dance studios, daycares, and more.

Limitless Layouts for All Kinds of Activities

The possibilities are endless with 60 spots in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Use them to quickly set up obstacle courses, relay races, agility drills, boundary markers, and other active games in gyms, studios, rec centers, schools, and backyards. Coaches can use the dots to direct sports drills and scrimmages. Instructors can mark zones for stations in group exercise classes like aerobics, CrossFit, yoga, Zumba, and boot camp style workouts. Dancers and cheerleaders can use them to map out choreography. Physical therapists can lay out stepping patterns and balance exercises for patients rehabbing injuries. Daycares and preschools can build color recognition courses. And parents can set up DIY challenges in the yard to get the whole family moving and laughing together.

Long-Lasting Dots That Withstand Heavy Use

Built from quality polyvinyl materials, these spot markers are waterproof and fade-resistant so they can handle heavy daily use indoors and out. The vinyl dots feature a flat, low-profile shape and non-slip textured bottoms to prevent sliding, tipping, and floor damage. Unlike paper spots, they won’t rip or soak through with sweat and spills. Just wipe clean as needed without worrying about deterioration over time.

Safe Versatile Markers for All Floor Types

The vinyl material is safe for use on all floor types including hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete, turf, exercise mats, carpet, grass, and more. The bottoms have rubberized grips instead of adhesive so they stay neatly in place without leaving any sticky residue or peeling up finishes when removed. Feel free to use them barefoot or with shoes without worrying about slips.

Convenient Drawstring Bag for Portable Storage

Keep your spot marker set organized and easy to transport with the included drawstring carry bag. Just scoop up the dots and cinch the bag closed after use for compact storage. Take them anywhere you need temporary markers for activities and games. Having them on hand makes it easy to set up impromptu obstacle courses anywhere. Use the bag to keep each color grouped together or mix it up–the choice is yours!

Liven Up Any Activity or Game with Vibrant Rainbow Colors

The colorful variety in this 60 piece set allows for countless configuration options to suit any activity. Assign each color a specific meaning like red for stop stations, green for start, and blue for turn around points. Or use certain hues to designate teams or levels. You can space the different colors out symmetrically or mix them up—get creative! The vibrant rainbow palette also makes the spots more visible and engaging for kids’ games and activities.

Versatile Spot Markers for All Kinds of Spaces

– Gyms – Map relay race courses, set up obstacle zones for agility drills, mark boundaries for scooter games

– Studios – Define zones and patterns for aerobics, dance, martial arts, yoga, Zumba, and more

– Sports Fields & Courts – Mark dribbling exercises, passing spots, relay points, and stretch stations

– Schools – Direct traffic in hallways, map out stations for field days, and set up fun PE games

– Daycares & Preschools – Build color recognition and counting courses, designated spots for story time and arts & crafts

– Backyards – DIY obstacle courses, active games for family time, yard hopscotch, and other outdoor activities

– Events – Guide crowds and designate vendor spots for fairs, races, shows, and festivals

– Rehab Clinics – Mark stepping patterns and balance exercise spots for patients


– Quantity: 60 spot markers total

– Colors: 10 red, 10 orange, 10 yellow, 10 green, 10 blue, 10 purple

– Material: Fade-resistant vinyl poly with non-slip textured rubber bottom

– Shape: Round, flat dots

– Diameter: 4 inches

– Thickness: 0.1 inches

– Weight: 11 ounces total

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your new spot marker dots! They are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Simply contact us for a full refund or replacement if you have any issues. Brighten up your facility and infuse any activity with fun organized energy using these versatile vinyl poly spot markers today!


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