Hikeen Portable Detachable Baseball Softball Batting Tee Caddy with Storage Rack & Carrying Bag – Coaching Accessory for Batting Practice & Pitching Training


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Step up to the plate and crush it out of the park with the Hikeen Portable Detachable Baseball Softball Batting Tee Caddy. This versatile training aid is ideal for coaches, players, and parents looking to enhance batting, pitching, and fielding skills.

The sturdy, height-adjustable batting tee allows you to set the perfect position for batters of any size or skill level. With a simple twist, you can raise or lower the tee from 26 inches up to 45 inches high. The three retractable rubber tee tops securely hold baseballs or softballs in place so batters can perfect their swing mechanics and make solid contact every time.

But this tee is just the beginning of what makes the Hikeen caddy such an invaluable training tool. The large detachable ball storage rack holds over 100 baseballs, keeping them organized and easily accessible during practice. No more wasting time chasing balls all over the field! The triangular base provides unmatched stability so the caddy stays firmly planted on any surface.

Everything fits neatly inside the included carrying bag for ultimate portability. Set up your ideal batting practice station anywhere in just minutes! All pieces quickly assemble with the included installation instructions. Take it to the field, batting cages, backyard or anywhere your team needs to train.

Designed with smart features to make coaching simpler, the Hikeen Batting Tee Caddy will help develop better, more confident hitters.

Unmatched Convenience for Batting & Fielding Practice
– Holds over 100 baseballs/softballs so they’re always within reach
– No more chasing balls – saves time & effort
– Adjustable height from 26”-45” accommodates all ages
– Retractable rubber tee tops for secure ball placement
– Carrying bag keeps everything together for transport

Built for Superior Stability
– Triangular base provides max stability on any surface
– Sturdy steel construction withstands rigorous training
– Weighted legs prevent tipping or sliding
– Withstands powerful swings from youth to pro players

Designed for Quick Set Up & Adjustments
– Assembles in minutes with included instructions
– Telescoping height adjustment with quick twist lock
– Detachable ball holder rack for portable versatility
– Lightweight but durable materials for easy transport

Perfect for All Ages & Skill Levels
– Ideal for youth teams, high school, college & pro
– Lets coaches organize batting practice stations
– Encourages proper swing techniques for consistency
– Builds batting confidence by eliminating chase time

Take your team’s batting skills to the next level with the Hikeen Portable Detachable Baseball Softball Batting Tee Caddy!

Customer Reviews

“This is by far the best portable batting tee I’ve ever used. The ball holder and adjustable tee make our practices so much more efficient. No more running after fly balls or constantly re-teeing. The carrying bag is super convenient for travel too. Our hitters have improved dramatically since adding this tee to our training equipment.” – Robert, Travel Team Coach

“As a mom managing my son’s little league team, this caddy has been a lifesaver! It’s so easy to set up and adjust. All the kids can use it no matter their size or ability. I don’t have to constantly bend down to tee up balls. Our practices run smoother and the kids get more swings in. Their hitting is getting better every day!” – Amanda, Little League Parent-Coach

“As a high school baseball coach, having equipment that makes efficient use of our limited practice time is crucial. This batting tee caddy has streamlined our batting stations. The sturdy base provides stability for the hardest hitters on my team so we can practice proper swing mechanics. I’d recommend this tee for any coach looking to maximize batting practice.” – Steve, Varsity Baseball Coach

“I bought this tee caddy for my son to help him practice hitting in the backyard. The portability and ball holder make it so easy for him to set up batting practice anytime. He’s gaining confidence with the adjustable tee heights as he improves his swing. I love that it comes with a carrying bag so he can easily take it to the field on game days for extra batting warm up.” – Brett, Baseball Dad


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