HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton Training Sneakers for Gymnastics and Cross Training


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Step into the gym wearing the HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton Training Sneakers and experience unbeatable comfort and support during your workout. Designed specifically for gymnastics and cross-training, these versatile women’s sneakers feature a breathable mesh upper with strategic synthetic overlays for durability and structure.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The lightweight and flexible mesh material on the upper part of the shoe provides optimal ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry during intense training sessions. The mesh construction conforms to your foot for a contoured, sock-like fit that moves naturally with your every step and flip.

Secure Midfoot Cradle

Integrated synthetic leather overlays wrap the midfoot to lock it in place and prevent sliding during lateral movements. This extra midfoot support allows you to twist, turn, and invert with confidence knowing your foot is cradled in the shoe. The overlays are strategically placed to offer structure without added bulk.

Protective Rubber Rand

The rubber rand wraps around the edges of the mesh upper for enhanced durability and abrasion resistance. The protective trim guards your feet against damage during rope climbs, box jumps, and other gymnastics maneuvers. The rubber also provides structural reinforcement to maintain the shape and support of the sneakers.

Fully Gusseted Tongue

The athletic tongue is designed with a gusset that attaches it to the upper around the entire periphery. This unique construction keeps the tongue centered and prevents it from sliding to the sides during activity. The gusset also blocks dirt and debris from entering the shoe through the tongue.

Breathable Fabric Lining

Inside the sneakers, a smooth fabric lining creates a comfortable environment next to your skin. Tiny perforations in the fabric promote airflow to manage moisture and regulate temperature. The quick-drying lining also prevents sweaty buildup inside the shoe during your high-intensity CrossFit class.

Lightweight Cushioning

The midsole is made from lightweight EVA foam to absorb shock and cushion your feet without weighing you down. The responsive foam quickly bounces back after compressing to return energy to your stride. The cushioned platform reduces foot fatigue so you can power through floor routines.

High-Traction Rubber Outsole

On the bottom, a durable rubber outsole grips gym floors to keep you steady through sprints, plyometrics, and multi-directional maneuvers. The tread pattern has a mix of shallow flex grooves and flat lugs that provide the ideal blend of flexibility and traction for gymnastics training.

Ideal for Gymnastics, CrossFit, HIIT and More

Slip on these women’s cross-training sneakers for your regular gymnastics practice on the mats. The supportive design excels for dance-inspired workouts like Zumba and cardio step aerobics. The Clifton Training shoes are also perfect for high-intensity interval training, sprints, rope climbs, box jumps, burpees, and more during your CrossFit class.

Find Your Ideal Size

HOKA ONE ONE designs the Clifton Training sneakers using a gender-specific last to better match the narrower heel, higher instep, and longer arch of a woman’s foot. The shoes are offered in both medium and wide widths to accommodate different foot volumes. Refer to the size chart and select the size that fits your foot length.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of the HOKA Clifton Training sneakers?

The Clifton Training sneakers are designed specifically for gymnastics and cross-training. Key benefits include the breathable mesh upper, cushioned midsole, and high-traction rubber outsole. The shoes provide comfortable support for multi-directional movements.

What activities are these women’s sneakers ideal for?

These versatile gym shoes are perfect for gymnastics, CrossFit, HIIT, Zumba, cardio dance, step aerobics, plyometrics, rope climbs, box jumps, sprints, burpees, and all sorts of high-intensity training.

How do the shoes fit?

HOKA ONE ONE designs the Clifton Training sneakers using a women’s-specific last for a customized fit. The toe box has a tapered profile with a medium volume fit. The shoes are available in medium and wide widths. Refer to the size chart to find your ideal size.

Are the sneakers good for running?

The Clifton Training model is designed specifically for gymnastics and cross-training rather than running. While you can use them for short bursts of running, they are not ideal as a primary running shoe. Check out HOKA’s performance running shoes for running-specific features.

What is the weight of the shoes?

The women’s Clifton Training sneakers weigh approximately 8.4 ounces per shoe in a size 7. The lightweight design helps minimize foot fatigue during training.

Do the shoes have arch support?

The contoured EVA foam midsole is designed to provide mild arch support. If you need additional arch support, you can add your own orthotic insole.

Step into the gym ready to perform your best with the HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton Training Sneakers supporting your every jump, flip, and climb. The specialized cross-training design keeps your feet comfortable so you can focus on conquering your workout.


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