Improve Your Game with Weighted Practice Balls – 9 Pack for Baseball & Softball Training


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Take your baseball or softball skills to the next level with this 9 pack of weighted practice balls. Each ball weighs 16 oz to strengthen muscles, increase power, and improve mechanics as you perfect your pitching, hitting, throwing, and catching.

Designed for serious players, these rubber-encased iron sand-filled balls have the look, feel, and bounce of real baseballs. The weight challenges your abilities for more intense and effective training compared to regular balls.

Use them for batting practice to quicken your swing and improve contact. The extra resistance builds arm strength to hit farther and react faster. Weighted balls also help pitchers augment velocity and stamina while honing control and accuracy.

Plus, the iron sand retains its weight even when the ball gets worn. They last far longer than bean bag weighted balls that lose filler over time. The durable PVC shell withstands hours of hitting, throwing, and catching drills.


  • Set of 9 weighted practice balls
  • 16 oz balls for extra training resistance
  • Iron sand filling retains weight
  • Durable PVC shell built to last
  • 9 inch circumference; 2.85 inch diameter
  • Orange color for high visibility
  • For baseball or softball training

While adding challenge to your practice, these weighted balls remain safe for players. The 16 oz weight makes them significantly lighter than regular 5-7 oz hardballs. When used properly, they reduce the risk of injury to your teammates or training partners.

Use them for controlled, short-distance drills. The limited flight allows you to focus on mechanics. As your skills improve, you’ll gain strength and precision to handle regulation balls at full speeds.

The orange color stands out brightly against green grass so you can easily spot balls lying on the ground or field. Even at long distances, the vibrant hue makes the balls clearly visible. No more lost balls during intense practice sessions!

Weight up your training with these weighted balls engineered to:

Augment Strength

The extra resistance when swinging or throwing forces muscles to exert more energy. With regular use, you gain power in batting and throwing for competitive advantage.

Enhance Mechanics

Having to adjust to the heavier weight improves form as you figure out how to control the balls. Your muscle memory adapts for more efficient, accurate mechanics.

Improve Control

Handling the more difficult weight shift of a heavier ball helps pitchers master control and placement. Release points become more precise.

Increase Bat Speed

A quicker, harder swing becomes necessary to make solid contact with the dense balls. With added bat speed, you’ll drive farther and react faster.

Prevent Injury

Joints and muscles strengthen over time to withstand repeated pitching, hitting, and throwing. Improved durability reduces overuse damage.

The iron sand retains its mass even when the PVC cover wears down. These balls maintain their weight over months and years of daily training. Get the most value for your money compared to fillers that compact or leak out with use.

Whether you play varsity baseball, club softball, or just love taking batting practice, these weighted balls deliver results. Read what customers have to say:

“My daughter’s pitching is much stronger and more controlled since using the weighted balls to train. Her endurance has really improved, and her speed is increasing.”

– Amanda L.

“These weighted balls quickly increased my son’s hitting power. Great for building strength before the season starts. He gained 10 mph exit velocity after a few weeks.”

– Mike R.

Dial up your next practice and take your baseball or softball abilities to game-changing levels with these weighted training balls. Order a set today to become a stronger, more precise, and more strategic player!


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