Joewuzun Weighted Football End Zone Pylons – Set of 8 Bright Orange Yard Markers for Training and Competition




Bring the excitement of game day to your backyard with this set of 8 weighted football end zone pylons from Joewuzun. These bright orange pylons mark the boundaries of the end zone, helping players know where the goal line is located. With their weighted bottoms, the pylons stand upright on their own without the need for anchors or stakes. Perfect for flag football games, practices, scrimmages and more.

Demarcate Your Field Like the Pros

Use these pylons just like the pros do to mark off your playing field. Place them at the corners of the end zone to clearly delineate where players need to get the ball to score. Their bright orange color stands out against the grass, making them visible even from a distance so players always know where the goal is.

Measuring 18 inches tall and 4 inches square, the pylons are large enough to spot easily. Take them to the park, beach or any open space to set up your field and get your game on. The flexible nylon construction causes them to bend if knocked over rather than breaking.

Weighted Bases Provide Sturdy Stability

Unlike many end zone markers, these pylons stand freely without the need for stakes or anchors. Each one contains weighted material in the base that keeps them firmly upright on their own.

The low center of gravity created by the weighted bottom provides exceptional stability even in windy conditions. They won’t blow over while you’re playing, ensuring your field stays properly marked.

Since no stakes are required, using the pylons won’t damage turf or other ground surfaces. They’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vibrant Color for High Visibility

The bright orange color of the pylons makes them highly visible against green grass. Players can spot them from all corners of the field, eliminating confusion about where the goal line is.

Orange is the universal color used by football teams and officials to mark important field locations. The highly vibrant tone helps the pylons stand out whether you’re playing during the day or at night under lights.

Durable Construction Built to Last

These end zone pylons feature durable construction designed to handle regular use during games, practices and training exercises.

The nylon fabric body consists of sturdy, thick material that won’t rip or tear when bumped into or knocked over. Tight double stitching connects the panels securely so they don’t separate with repeated use.

The weighted material sealed inside the bottom keeps its form over time. Unlike sand, it won’t degrade or leak out even after weathering or frequent setups and takedowns.

A loop handle on the side makes the pylons easy to carry and transport. Keep them together in a mesh bag (sold separately) for quick trips to and from the field.

Versatile for Multiple Sports and Occasions

American football isn’t the only sport you can use these end zone pylons for. Their versatility makes them useful for:

  • Flag football
  • Soccer – Mark goal boundaries
  • Lacrosse – Define scoring areas
  • Field hockey – Show scoring circles
  • Disc sports (Ultimate Frisbee, etc) – Indicate end zones

Take them outside for PE class field days to set up activity stations or boundary markers. Use them indoors for a nerf football target range in your game room.

Make your backyard the place to be by using them for birthday parties, family gatherings, or fun with friends. Spice up ordinary occasions by adding football flair with these end zone pylons.

Purchase With Confidence

Joewuzun wants you to be fully satisfied with your end zone pylon purchase. We back them with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first year after your purchase. If you experience any issues with durability, appearance or performance, just contact us for a replacement set or full refund.

Bring the thrill of the gridiron to your own field and dominate the competition! Order your set of weighted football end zone pylons today.


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