Kbands Fusion Cables Resistance Bands – Boost Rotational Power and Arm Strength for Baseball and Softball


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Take your throwing velocity to the next level with the Kbands Fusion Cables resistance band training system. Designed specifically for baseball and softball players, these innovative cables attach in a split mounting position to isolate and strengthen your rotator cuff while developing maximum arm speed and power.

What’s Included:

– 4 Fusion Cables with carabiner clips
– 2 Comfort Grip Handles
– 4 Anchor Straps
– Travel Bag
– Fusion Velocity Pro Digital Trainer

Build Explosive Rotational Power

The unique split mounting position of the Fusion Cables targets your throwing shoulder and arm like no other training method. As you rotate your torso, the cables provide progressive resistance to strengthen your internal and external rotators. This builds the rotational power needed to whip your arm through its throwing arc with maximum velocity.

The Fusion Cables also improve arm speed by increasing strength through the deceleration phase of your throw follow-through. You’ll gain the capacity to maintain velocity from release point through target impact for powerful, accurate pitches and throws.

Increase Arm & Shoulder Strength

In addition to rotational power, the Fusion Cables boost functional strength in your shoulders, arms, and back. The free motion and progressive resistance target your throwing muscles from multiple angles. This leads to gains in shoulder stability, arm endurance, and increased velocity over a long season.

The Fusion Cables are intended to be used as a warm-up tool before throwing. Using them before you pick up a ball activates your muscles, increases blood flow, and enhances your throwing arm’s readiness. Consistent training prepares your arm for the demands of pitching or throwing.

Fusion Velocity Pro Digital Trainer

To maximize your development, the Fusion Cables come with the Fusion Velocity Pro digital trainer. This innovative tool measures and tracks your throwing velocity so you can monitor gains and fine-tune your training.

The Velocity Pro attaches easily to the end of your fusion cables. As you rotate, it calculates your throwing velocity in real time. Save your results after each session to keep yourself motivated and take your game to the next level.

Training for All Ages & Skill Levels

The Fusion Cable system includes cables of varying resistance levels so players of all ages can benefit from this throwing-specific training.

The 48” cables target the throwing arc of youth athletes:

– Grey (Level 2) – 12-18 lbs resistance – Ideal for athletes 13 and under
– Green (Level 1) – 8-12 lbs resistance – Best for youth 8 and up

Intermediate and advanced players utilize longer, heavier cables:

– Blue (Level 4) – 30-41 lbs resistance – For high school players and up
– Red (Level 3) – 20-28 lbs resistance – Great for junior high athletes

You can also purchase a Bullpen Bundle with 6 cables to build a complete progressive resistance training system.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

The Kbands Fusion Cables provide baseball and softball players with sport-specific resistance to develop rotational power, arm strength, and maximized ball velocity. Consistent training leads to gains in shoulder stability, injury prevention, and enhanced throwing performance.


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