LEDGlow Million Color Underglow Lighting Kit – Transform Your Golf Cart into a Rolling Light Show


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Take your golf cart to the next level with this brilliant LED underglow lighting kit from LEDGlow. With nearly unlimited color options and lighting effects, you can create a spectacular light show that electrifies your cart and turns heads on the course.

Vibrant Multi-Color Effects for Endless Customization

This kit includes 4 flexible 24″ water-resistant LED tubes that you mount under your cart. Each tube houses 12 ultra-bright SMD LEDs for a total of 48 LEDs. With the wireless remote, you can select from 18 static colors, 5 color scan modes, 5 color flash modes, 5 color chase modes, and 5 sound activation modes. Or use the color change and color fade modes to see hues fluidly transition. From serene blues and greens to energetic purples, reds, and oranges – the color options are virtually endless. You can even create a custom 2-color setup!

Simple Installation for All Cart Models

Installation is a breeze thanks to the detailed instructions. The kit includes 4-port splitter cable that connects the LED tubes to the control box. Plus zip ties and self-tapping screws securely fasten the LED tubes. This kit is compatible with all major gas and electric golf cart brands including EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car, and more. All you need is a 12V power source. No splicing wires necessary!

Built to Handle Rain, Mud, Bumps, and Vibration

The flexible LED tubes and control box are totally water resistant so they can withstand splashes and even submersion in water. The flexible tubes also absorb vibration from bumpy terrain without issue. An industrial strength adhesive securely bonds the LEDs to the tubes so they won’t shake loose even after years of abuse.

Premium Quality for Safety and Reliability

Leave it to the LED experts at LEDGlow to produce a safe, road-worthy underglow kit. The flexible LED tubes are made from a durable PVC outer layer. Wiring and connections use waterproof silicone. The LEDs consume very little power, produce almost no heat, and will not melt or damage your cart. This kit is EMI and FCC certified for safety.

Unlock Unique Lighting Effects with the Wireless Remote

The wireless remote makes it easy to control lighting effects on-the-fly. Simply press a button to choose from:

  • 18 static colors – Select brilliant solid colors like blue, green, purple, red, teal, and more.
  • 5 color scan modes – Automatically transitions between multiple colors.
  • 5 color flash modes – Alternate between 2 favorite colors.
  • 5 chase modes – Make colors “chase” each other down the tubes.
  • 5 sound modes – Flash, strobe, and pulse to music.
  • Color change mode – Slowly fades between every color.
  • Color fade mode – Gradually transitions between 2 colors you pick.

Preview different modes in real time and find your favorites with the touch of a button!

Customize Your Ride with Brilliant Undercarriage Lighting

Whether you want to add flashing lights, Transform your golf cart with brilliant underglow lighting effects in any color you can imagine. Draw envious looks and compliments on the course, at the campground, neighborhood, tailgate, or anywhere else you take your cart. With endless customizable color options, you can match your cart’s paint job, alma mater colors, favorite sports team, or just create a cool look.

Designed for Quick, Simple Installation

Detailed instructions walk you through mounting the LED tubes and wiring the kit up in just 30-60 minutes, even if you’re not mechanically inclined. Everything needed for installation is included:

  • 4 flexible 24″ waterproof LED tubes – Mount under cart frame using included hardware.
  • Wireless remote – Control lighting effects from driver’s seat.
  • Control box – Powers LED tubes and handles lighting effects.
  • 4-port splitter cable – Connects LED tubes to control box.
  • Zip ties and self-tapping screws – Securely fasten LED tubes.
  • In-depth installation instructions – Step-by-step guidance.

Simply mount the LED tubes, connect wires to power source, and you’re ready to roll in vibrant style. Fits most carts with 12V power.

Built to Last for Years of Heavy Use

The LED tubes and control box are engineered to withstand the elements and rugged use over years of operation. Key highlights:

  • Waterproof – All components are 100% waterproof and submersible.
  • Durable PVC tubing – Made to flex and absorb vibration from bumps.
  • EMI and FCC certified – Meets all safety regulations.
  • Minimal power draw – Won’t tax your cart’s electrical system.
  • 1-year warranty – Manufacturer defects covered for 1 year.

Choose From a Wide Range of Colors and Effects

With the wireless remote, you have instant control over a spectrum of colors and exciting lighting effects:

Solid Colors:
– Blue, Green, Aqua, Teal, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange
– White, Light Blue, Pale Purple, Light Pink

Multi-Color Modes:
– Color Fade – Toggle between 2 colors
– Color Change – Slowly transitions through the color spectrum
– Color Chase – Select colors race down tubes
– Color Scan – Smoothly scans through multiple colors
– Sound Active – Tubes flash and pulse to music

– Program 2 favorite colors
– Control speed of scans, fades, and changes
– Set brightness level

Pretty much any color combination you can dream up is possible with this brilliant underglow kit.

Take Your Cart to the Next Level with Underbody Lighting

Driving around in a decked out cart with vibrant underglow lighting is an absolute blast. This kit makes a perfect upgrade for:

  • Golf carts – Add eye-catching style to your cart.
  • UTVs / Side-by-Sides – Illuminate the undercarriage of your off-road vehicle.
  • Electric vehicles – Give your electirc car, truck, or bike a colorful glow.
  • Trailers – Install under a boat trailer, utility trailer, or tow behind camper.
  • Show cars – Accent the underside of your custom vehicle.

Wherever you decide to install this brilliant lighting kit, you’re sure to get noticed and draw compliments.

Buy with Confidence and Hit the Road

LEDGlow is the industry leader in LED lighting solutions and backs this kit with a satisfaction guarantee. Your order includes:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime US-based tech support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Ready to light up your rides? Hit the road in style with this game-changing LED underglow system!


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