Light Up the Court with the MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Basketball


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Experience the thrill of playing basketball day or night with the MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Basketball. This innovative basketball lights up the court with a bright green glow, so you can keep playing long after the sun goes down.

All-Night Fun That Requires No Batteries

The MILACHIC glow in the dark basketball absorbs sunlight and artificial light during the day, charging up the phosphorescent materials inside. When you head out to the court at night, the basketball glows a vibrant green for over 3 hours of continuous play. There’s no need for batteries or charging – just basket after basket of glowing fun.

Premium Materials Designed to Last

This high-quality glow basketball is constructed from durable composite PU leather with a 100% nylon windings and a flexible butyl bladder. The materials retain air and shape for consistent play and responsiveness. The leather exterior provides a solid grip for precise dribbling, passing, and shots. It’s built to withstand hours of indoor or outdoor play.

Perfect for Players of All Ages and Skills

The MILACHIC glow in the dark basketball comes in 3 regulation sizes so everyone can get in the game:

  • Size 5 (27.5″): Ideal for boys and girls ages 5-8
  • Size 6 (28.5″): Great for women, girls 9+, and boys ages 9-12
  • Size 7 (29.5″): Official men’s size for teens and adults

Whether you’re just learning the game or a seasoned pro, this glow basketball allows you to sharpen your skills day or night. The vibrant glow makes it easy to follow the ball and elevate your dribbling, passing, and shooting when daylight fades.

Light Up Backyard Games, Night Pickup, and More

This glow in the dark basketball opens up a whole new world of activities:

  • Host glow basketball games and contests after dark
  • Practice dribbling drills into the nighttime hours
  • Play glow pickup games at the park or gym when the lights go out
  • Shoot hoops in your backyard long after sunset
  • Take your game to the next level with enhanced hand-eye coordination

Wherever you play, the glow basketball adds visibility and fun to the game when the sun goes down.

The Ultimate Glow in The Dark B-Ball for Recreation and Gifting

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the basketball lover in your life or want to take your own game to new heights, the MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Basketball delivers. Kids, teens, and adults will be thrilled when you give the gift of glow-in-the-dark basketball action. Don’t wait to light up the court – order yours today!

We Stand Behind Our Glow in The Dark Basketball

MILACHIC provides friendly customer service and will replace any defective glow basketballs, no questions asked. We want you to be fully satisfied with your glow in the dark basketball.

Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: Composite PU leather exterior, 100% nylon windings, butyl rubber bladder
  • Sizes Available:
    • Size 5: 27.5 inches circumference
    • Size 6: 28.5 inches circumference
    • Size 7: 29.5 inches circumference (Official Men’s Size)
  • Glow Time: Over 3 hours of bright green glow after exposure to light
  • Play Time: Durable construction for indoor and outdoor use
  • Grip: Composite leather provides excellent grip
  • Bounce: Butyl rubber bladder retains air and bounce
  • Windings: Nylon windings keep spherical shape

Bring the fun and excitement of basketball into the nighttime hours with the MILACHIC Glow in The Dark Basketball. Order yours today and be ready to light up the court!


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