Louisville Slugger 2023 Meta USSSA Baseball Bat


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Swing into the season with the power and precision of the 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta USSSA baseball bat. Engineered for elite performance, this EKO composite bat packs a light-swinging monster barrel profile with an optimized sweet spot to crush balls across the field. The Meta’s breakthrough VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System allows independent movement between the barrel and handle to control vibration and provide unmatched feel on contact. A balanced swing weight gives you the ultimate combination of speed and power.

Lightweight EKO Composite Barrel

The Meta USSSA bat starts with Louisville Slugger’s EKO Composite barrel, engineered to the pinnacle of performance. This breakthrough composite material gives you a light-swinging barrel profile that maximizes your swing speed and optimizes the sweet spot for hard, consistent contact. The EKO Composite optimizes the barrel’s flex and rebound to create the truest sound in the game – a satisfying “pop” on perfect contact.

Monster Barrel for Power and Distance

The EKO Composite barrel has a monster profile that combines a massive sweet spot with swing speed for jaw-dropping power. The optimized flex and barrel length let you drive balls deep into gaps and over fences. You’ll notice the difference right away – shots that used to be caught at the warning track now clear the fence with ease. This Meta bat will have you crushing extra base hits and driving in runs all season long.

Balanced Swing Weight

Louisville Slugger carefully crafts the 2023 Meta USSSA with a balanced swing weight, giving you the ultimate combination of speed and power. The balanced feel lets you whip the barrel through the zone for quick, effortless swings while still transferring maximum energy into the ball on contact. You get the best of both worlds – lightning-quick swing speed and huge hitting power.

VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System

The Meta USSSA bat’s patented VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System allows independent movement between the barrel and handle to control negative vibration and optimize feel on contact. This elastomeric connection “unlocks” the barrel from the handle, allowing the barrel to flex naturally while the handle remains stiff for optimal energy transfer. You get incredible feel on contact for consistently crisp, powerful swings. VCX2 also reduces negative vibration to increase comfort and decrease sting on off-center contact.

GT1 End Cap

Louisville Slugger equips the 2023 Meta USSSA with their GT1 End Cap designed to maximize barrel length and swing speed for more power. The lightweight composite end cap improves balance by shifting weight to the barrel end. This let you whip the bat through the zone even quicker, generating faster exit speeds. An extended barrel length increases the hitting surface and boosts momentum behind the ball. More barrel and faster swings equals added power in every swing.

LS Pro Comfort Grip

The Meta USSSA bat comes with a premium LS Pro Comfort grip that improves feel and control. The tacky, cushioned grip boosts comfort while giving you the tackiness needed for excellent bat control. Your hands can slide smoothly into position and lock in for a leveraged swing. The grip’s cushioning helps reduce negative vibration to the hands for a smoother, more comfortable swinging experience. You’ll notice the difference in your first swing.

Available Sizes

The 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta USSSA baseball bat comes in a range of sizes, lengths, and drop weights to suit players of all ages and skill levels:

– -5 Length to Weight Ratio: 28in/23oz, 29in/24oz, 30in/25oz, 31in/26oz, 32in/27oz

– -8 Length to Weight Ratio: 28in/20oz, 29in/21oz, 30in/22oz, 31in/23oz

– -10 Length to Weight Ratio: 26in/16oz, 27in/17oz, 28in/18oz, 29in/19oz

Choose the optimal size bat for your height, weight, and strength to maximize both speed and power. Smaller players can swing the lighter -10 and -8 bats with ease, while power hitters will love the heavier -5 model for launching balls over the fence.

One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Louisville Slugger covers the 2023 Meta USSSA baseball bat with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This protects against defects in materials and workmanship.

Bring elite power and explosive speed to the plate this season with the Louisville Slugger 2023 Meta USSSA bat. The breakthrough EKO Composite barrel and VCX2 connection give you unmatched feel and vibration control for consistently crushing hits.


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