LVL10 Pro Training Cones – The Heavy Duty, Wind-Resistant Cones Coaches Recommend




Tired of flimsy, lightweight cones constantly blowing away and needing adjustment? LVL10 Pro Training Cones are the heavy duty, stable cones coaches trust for sport drills and conditioning. Built extra thick and heavy, these cones stay put in wind, rain, and extreme weather. Perfect for football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and more.

Weighing over 1 pound each, LVL10 cones are a heavyweight force compared to regular thin plastic cones. Their low center of gravity and wide, thick base give ballast to withstand wind gusts. While the flexible, thick PVC vinyl won’t crack or break over time.

LVL10 Pro Cones deliver superior stability and durability for youth to pro-level training. Stop wasting practice time running after cones and keep players focused with reliable equipment that stands strong.


  • 12″ tall cones weighing 1.15 lbs each – heavyweight for wind resistance
  • Thick 1″ tall base for low center of gravity and stability
  • Sturdy square 8.2” base won’t easily tip or slide
  • Thick PVC vinyl material won’t crack in cold or extreme heat
  • Bright orange with reflective strip for visibility
  • Flexes back if run over – won’t permanently deform
  • One dozen 12” cones per set
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cones That Won’t Blow Away

Light plastic cones flying away in a gust of wind – it’s an aggravation coaches and players know all too well. A sudden strong breeze sweeps the field, and those flimsy cones go rolling everywhere.

LVL10’s weighted 1.15 lb cones stand up to wind. Their low center of gravity and wide base grip the turf to stay anchored. While the pliable vinyl construction flexes when hit rather than cracking.

Keep drills and exercises on track even on blustery days. No more restarting position and agility drills because the wind rearranged your markers. LVL10’s wind-resistant cones work as hard as your players do.

Designed for stability in all weather, the thick 1” tall base prevents easily tipping over if bumped. The heavy-duty squared bottom stays flat and balanced, unlike lightweight round cones that roll away.

Coaches and players want equipment they can count on. With LVL10 Pro Cones, the wind can howl but your markers stay put.

No Cracking or Breaking

The thin plastic of regular cones gets brittle and cracks over time. Stepping on them or leaving them outside in extreme temperatures takes a toll. Once they get a crack, they quickly break into pieces rendering them useless.

The flexible vinyl construction of LVL10 Pro Cones bends and flexes instead of cracking under pressure. Run over by a vehicle? They’ll pop right back up ready for action. Leaving them outside overnight in below freezing temps or baking sun doesn’t faze them.

Your investment goes further with cones built to withstand rough handling for seasons to come. Their durability also makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Forget constantly replacing cracked cones that can’t withstand real-world abuse. LVL10 Pro Cones bounce back time after time to give you extended value.

Built for Versatility

Whether coaching soccer, football, field hockey, or lacrosse, LVL10 Pro Cones provide versatile training tools. Use them to mark:

  • Agility ladders
  • Dribbling courses
  • Relay or sprint lanes
  • Weaving courses
  • Passing and shooting drills
  • Positioning and footwork during scrimmages

Their 12″ size and bright orange color with reflective strip makes them visible at a distance on any playing field. Heavy enough for grass or turf use, they also shine for indoor court drills.

The flexible vinyl stands up to player contact without cracking or deforming. Slide tackling, stick checking, incidental kicks – bring it on. LVL10 cones bounce back for more.

Whether you coach soccer, rugby, football, field hockey, or lacrosse, LVL10 Pro Cones have you covered. Supplies markers tough enough for every drill.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With youth and high school budgets tight, make the smart investment in gear that goes the distance. LVL10 Pro Cones deliver day-in, day-out performance season after season.

We stand behind our heavy duty cones with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy, we’ll provide a replacement or full refund.

Buy the cones recommended by coaches across the US and Canada. The pros trust LVL10 to be weighted and durable for consistent stability. Raise your training game with rugged cones engineered for the demands athletes dish out.


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