Marucci Blacksmith Full WRAP Batting Glove V2 – Durable Protection and Control for Extensive Batting Practice


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As a dedicated baseball player, you know that high-volume batting practice is essential for developing your swing technique and timing. But all those swings in the cage can take a toll on your hands, wearing through batting gloves and leaving your skin exposed to blisters and abrasions.

The Marucci Blacksmith Full WRAP Batting Glove V2 is built like a heavy duty work glove to endure hours upon hours in the cage so your hands stay protected and you can keep perfecting your form.

Extreme Durability for Extended Cage Time

Marucci constructed the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove from the ground up for exceptional durability during repetitive batting practice. The digitally embossed goatskin leather palm employs strategically reinforced padding in high wear zones. This added cushioning provides increased resistance to friction so the glove doesn’t quickly wear through.

The full wrapping wristband offers enhanced structure and stability to stand up to swing after swing. An extended leather wrap on the index finger boosts abrasion resistance while also protecting a vulnerable area of your hand.

Altogether, the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove provides hardcore reinforcement in key zones while remaining flexible enough for natural hand movements. You’ll stay protected set after set in the cage as you dial in your form.

Maximum Grip and Control

In addition to durability, Marucci also optimized these batting gloves for exceptional grip and bat control to help maximize your practice time.

The embossed goatskin leather palm provides a supple yet tactile surface. Friction-reducing pads on the palm and fingers allow you to grip the bat with the ideal combination of snugness and slip resistance. An extended padded zone across the knuckles distributes pressure for a secure hold swing after swing.

With the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove, you can focus on fine-tuning your approach and mechanics knowing your grip will remain locked in throughout extended sessions in the cage.

Ventilated Stretch Fabric for Comfort

The last thing you want restricting your swings is a heavy, suffocating glove. To keep your hands comfortable and fatigue-free, Marucci constructed the back panel of the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove from a lightweight, breathable stretch fabric.

This knit material conforms to your hand while allowing air to flow to your skin for cool relief when batting in warm weather. The stretchy fabric also maintains a flexible fit to prevent constriction as you grip and release the bat.

You’ll be able to extend your practice sessions without your hands overheating or tiring out.

Customizable for Your Exact Hand Size

Every player’s hand measurements are slightly different, which is why the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove is available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large. Marucci strategically graded each size up or down for an anatomical fit with no excess bulk.

Choosing the right size ensures the padded leather palm maintains complete contact with your hand. For further customization, the adjustable wrist closure lets you tweak the tension for your preferred fit. Dial in the perfect glove-to-hand interface to transfer all your power into the bat.

Tested in Elite Batting Cages

Marucci designs their equipment to withstand the intensest game conditions, testing them extensively at the professional level. For the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove, Marucci worked closely with MLB players to refine the design after validating it in elite batting cages.

Professional hitters just like you logged countless swings with prototypes, providing detailed feedback on durability, protection, grip, comfort, and other performance metrics. Only when the glove passed these rigorous trials did Marucci give it their seal of approval.

You can trust that the Blacksmith Full WRAP glove will hold up to your most extreme batting sessions based on its pedigree.

Confidence to Power Through Reps

When it’s time to put in work perfecting your hitting technique and timing, choose the Marucci Blacksmith Full WRAP glove for durable protection swing after swing. Its reinforced leather construction, customizable fit, and flexible fabric back work together to keep your hands comfortable and supported throughout marathon batting practice.

Grip the bat with confidence knowing this glove won’t let you down as you drive balls in the cage for hours on end. The Blacksmith Full WRAP glove has your back so you can focus on refinement and consistency until your next game.


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