Marucci F5 -3 BBCOR Aluminum Baseball Bat, 2 5/8″ Barrel, Balanced Swing Weight


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Step up your game with the Marucci F5 -3 BBCOR aluminum baseball bat. Marucci optimized this bat with key technologies and innovations to give you the performance edge. Feel the difference with every swing!

Balanced Construction Promotes Consistent Swing

Designed for elite players, this bat features a one-piece alloy construction with a balanced swing weight. The balanced feel promotes excellent bat control and smooth, consistent swings. Most big barrel bats have a end-loaded swing weight that takes some getting used to. But the F5 allows you to step into the box and swing with confidence right away.

The clean, traditional profile leaves weight evenly distributed from knob to barrel end. You get the ideal balance of power and control to drive the ball with precision. The one-piece alloy build maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel for hot hits. Take your game to the next level with the balanced feel of the Marucci F5!

Multi-Variable Wall Design for Expanded Sweet Spot

Marucci optimized the barrel design using finite element analysis (FEA) and dialed in the wall thickness. This multi-variable wall creates an expanded sweet spot, so you get hot hits across more of the barrel. Even on mishits, you’ll feel the power of this bat.

The thinner walls in just the right areas optimize the barrel flexibility without sacrificing durability. You get the massive sweet spot of a double wall bat, without the hand sting. The expanded zone of power helps you make more consistent contact for bigger hits.

AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob

The AV2 knob design significantly reduces negative vibration and feedback. Marucci optimized this knob through extensive testing and player feedback. By fine tuning the knob design, they minimized vibration and improved overall feel.

The enhanced knob provides a smooth, comfortable grip and improved bat control. Players report the AV2 knob delivers a truly premium feel on contact. The tech upgrades make the F5 feel like an extension of your hands.

No Dead Spots – Just Pure Hits

Marucci eliminated the “dead” spots with their ring-free barrel technology. Most BBCOR bats have internal rings that stiffen the barrel walls. While adding durability, these rings also create zones where the ball just “dumps” on contact.

The F5 barrel has no internal rings, so you get a pure feel across the whole barrel. Consistent performance means every at-bat counts! The ring-free tech drives performance and improves the overall hitting experience.

Big League Grip – Built for Elite Hands

Marucci upgraded the bat’s grip for more tackiness and decreased vibration. The custom micro-perforated soft-touch grip provides the ideal tack for outstanding control. The grip allows you to swing loose while maintaining control from handle to barrel.

The grip also features a tapered knob shape with painted graphics inspired by Marucci Pro MLB players. The flared end improves bottom hand comfort for even more control through the zone. The grip on the F5 delivers an unbeatable, premium feel.

Ideal for Elite Play at All Levels

Approved for play in BBCOR, CIF SS, NCAA, and NFHS leagues, this bat is ideal for elite hitters from youth through college. The -3 length to weight ratio provides a balanced swing weight. The 2 5/8″ barrel diameter is preferred by contact and elite power hitters for maximum bat speed through the zone.

Marucci optimized the F5 to meet the performance needs of next level players. They dialed in the handle, grip, barrel design, and swing weight to help good hitters play great!

Marucci: Trusted by the Pros

Founded in 2002, Marucci is now the #1 bat in the Big Leagues. Marucci Sports is dedicated to quality and committed to staying on the leading edge of technology and innovation. Their goal is to make the highest performing bats and gear in the game, every day. MLB players like Kris Bryant, José Bautista, Chase Utley, David Ortiz and more choose Marucci.

With the Marucci F5 BBCOR bat, you get big league innovation and tech in a stick designed for elite play. The balanced feel, massive sweet spot, and pure feel from knob to end cap give you the confidence to own the plate!


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