Maverik Charger EKG Lacrosse Starter Set – Youth Size X-Small – Includes Stick, Pads, Gloves


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The Maverik Charger EKG Lacrosse Starter Set has all the essential gear your young athlete needs to jump into the fast-paced sport of lacrosse. This bundled set contains a lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, arm guards, and gloves with Maverik’s revolutionary EKG chest padding. With high-quality, protective equipment, your child will have everything required to take the field aside from a helmet.

The centerpiece of this starter kit is the Maverik Charger lacrosse stick. This beginner-friendly stick has a stiff alloy handle and mid-level pocket designed for excellent ball control. New players can easily scoop up ground balls and develop proper throwing and catching techniques with the strategic pocket configuration. The alloy shaft withstands checks while remaining lightweight for quick maneuvers.

For protection during competitive play, the set includes Maverik’s Charger shoulder pads with External Kardiac Guard (EKG) padding. This revolutionary NOCSAE-certified chest pad helps reduce impact forces to the heart. EKG foam disperses energy for decreased risk of commotio cordis injuries. Strategically-placed high density foam pads across the chest, back, and shoulders offer robust protection as young athletes learn proper body positioning.

The Maverik Charger arm guards feature compression sleeves with EVA and foam padding to shield the arms from checks. Abrasion-resistant nylon on the forearm and vented triceps provide mobility and breathability. The anatomically curved shape allows natural arm movement for cradling and passing.

The Maverik Charger gloves have an adjustable cuff, abrasion-resistant palms, and foam padding across the fingers and back of the hand. Your child can handle ground balls and pass confidently while their hands remain protected.

With the Maverik Charger EKG Starter Set, your young lacrosse player will be set up for success on the field. The beginner-friendly stick combined with protective yet lightweight pads and gloves makes this set ideal for youth just learning the sport. Give your child the tools they need to play their best with this complete starter kit.


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