Maverik Charger EKG Youth Lacrosse Starter Set – Everything You Need to Play, Just Add a Stick and Helmet!


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The Maverik Charger EKG Youth Lacrosse Starter Set has all the essential protective gear your young athlete needs to get in the game – shoulder pads, arm guards, and gloves. This convenient bundle takes the guesswork out of shopping for individual pieces and ensures your child will be fully equipped and ready to play after adding a lacrosse stick and helmet.

Innovative Chest Protection Meets New Safety Standards

The highlight of this set is the Maverik Charger shoulder pads featuring the company’s groundbreaking External Kardiac Guard (EKG). This revolutionary padded chest protector is designed to meet the updated NOCSAE ND200 performance standard that helps reduce the risk of commotio cordis, a rare but devastating blow to the heart that can occur during sports. By integrating their EKG technology into the shoulder pads, Maverik is providing an extra layer of protection right where it’s needed most. You can feel confident sending your young athlete onto the field equipped with gear engineered for both comfort and safety.

Complete Range of Motion with Full Protective Coverage

In addition to the cutting-edge chest padding, the Maverik Charger shoulder pads offer complete coverage and a contoured fit. Molded pads secure with elastic straps to protect the sternum, shoulders, kidneys, and back while overlapping ventilation and perforation allow for airflow. The asymmetrical design moves with the body for full mobility. Pair the shoulder pads with the included arm guards for 360° protection. The molded elbow caps and forearm plates with integrated abrasion pads defend against checks and slashes while the compression fit sleeves won’t slide down or shift during play.

Responsive Gloves Enhance Handling and Control

The Maverik Charger gloves incorporate technology for responsiveness with protection for the vulnerable hands and wrists. The flexible and ventilated Lycra mesh backs allow for dexterity and breathability. D3O smart foam in the padded palms and fingers dampens vibrations and disperses impact energy for improved shock absorption. Abrasion resistant palms enhance grip and control when cradling or passing. The adjustable cuff secures the gloves while the wrap-around thumb design limits mobility for additional defense against checks. With these gloves, players can handle their stick with confidence.

Perfect Starter Set for Young Beginners

The Maverik Charger EKG Youth Lacrosse Starter Set bundles all the gear your child needs to be fully outfitted for practices and games in one convenient package. The state-of-the-art chest protection provides essential safety while the contoured, low-profile design allows for mobility. With this set, young athletes can focus on learning fundamentals, developing skills, and falling in love with the fast-paced game rather than worrying about their gear. Just add a helmet and lacrosse stick to be ready to take the field and experience the speed and excitement of lacrosse.

Set Contains:

  • Maverik Charger EKG Shoulder Pads – Youth XSmall
  • Maverik Charger Arm Guards – Youth
  • Maverik Charger Gloves – Youth

Adjustable and Breathable EKG Chest Pad Leads the Way in Safety

The innovative Maverik EKG chest pad found on the Charger shoulder pads is specifically constructed to meet new lacrosse equipment safety guidelines. The external padding features ForceShield technology, integrating D3O molecules that transform on impact to disperse energy for superior shock absorption. This helps reduce the risks associated with high-speed ball impacts to the chest. The adjustable elastic sternum and shoulder straps ensure a secure contoured fit while the perforated VentCore foam back plate boosts ventilation to keep athletes cool and dry even during intense play.

Multi-Layered Shoulder Caps and Arms Guards Offer Complete Protection

In addition to unrivaled chest protection, the Maverik Charger EKG shoulder pads provide comprehensive coverage all the way around. The 3-piece asymmetric shoulder caps utilize molded Virgin polyethylene plates backed by D3O foam for lightweight, flexible power. Heavily padded deltoid and acromioclavicular (AC) components defend the vulnerable shoulder point while the wrap-around bicep guards and 3-piece caps on the arms protect against checks. The adjustable anatomic relief system ensures the pads move fluidly with the athlete for full mobility. Pair with the included Maverik Charger arm guards for all-around protection. These feature molded elbow caps, forearm extension wraps, and integrated abrasion pads to shield against extreme slashes and devastating blows. The extended cuffs allow for a customized fit.

Ventilated Construction Boosts Airflow and Comfort

Even with the comprehensive protective coverage, overheating is not an issue thanks to strategic ventilation built into the construction. Both the Maverik Charger shoulder pads and arm guards are designed with mesh paneling to allow air to flow through the gear. The lightweight compression sleeves wick away sweat while the perforated chest pad, back plate, and caps circulate air. Young athletes will stay cool and comfortable even during the most intense game play. The contoured profile flexes with the body for full mobility and range of motion. Padding wraps around the athlete without restricting movement or limiting speed and agility.

Wrap-Around Integrated Gloves Keep Hands Protected

The Maverik Charger gloves included in this set provide lightweight protection for the hands withunwrap-around coverage. The flexible and ventilated Lycra mesh backs allow for improved finger dexterity and breathability during play. The adjustable cuffs secure the gloves while the thumb wraps help guard against checks. D3O foam inserts in the padded palms absorb vibrations and diffuse impact energy, providing shock absorption right where players need it – the top hand while cradling and throwing. Abrasion resistant palms enhance grip and control of the lacrosse stick.

Complete Starter Bundle for Young Lacrosse Players

Now that you understand the details of this protective lacrosse package, you can see why the Maverik Charger EKG Youth Starter Set is such an excellent value. For one price, you receive shoulder pads, arm guards, and gloves engineered to provide premium protection. The state-of-the-art EKG chest pad demonstrates Maverik’s commitment to drive innovation and elevate safety in the sport. Every component is thoughtfully designed to be both protective and comfortable while allowing for full mobility. Young athletes will gain confidence knowing they have all the essential gear. Just add a helmet and stick to be ready for that first face-off!


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