Maxfli Softfli White Golf Balls, 48 Pack – Next-Gen Design for Extreme Distance


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Step up your driving distance with the latest technology from Maxfli. The 2022 Softfli utilizes a next-generation low compression core to achieve groundbreaking ball speeds. Enjoy an ultra-soft feel while reducing slice and hook for longer, straighter drives.

Stock up with 48 high-performance golf balls per pack. The Softfli’s advanced aerodynamics generate explosive speed for maximizing your distance without sacrificing soft feel around the greens.

Low Compression Core Unlocks Faster Ball Speed

The secret behind the Softfli’s incredible distance is the low compression core. Compression refers to the deflection of the golf ball during impact – lower compression enables more energy transfer to the core, creating faster ball speeds.

Maxfli pioneered low compression technology, and the new Softfli takes it even further. The 35 compression rating is ultra-low, squeezing every ounce of speed out of each drive. The soft core flattens completely against clubface for lightning-fast energy transmission.

Lower compression not only unlocks speed, but also reduces backspin for penetrating ball flight. Less spin keeps drives on a straighter trajectory for finding more fairways. The rocket-charged core enables your longest drives ever!

Ultra-Soft Feel Improves Control

While the center unleashes high speeds, the outer layers maintain buttery soft feel. The Softfli replicates the gentle feel of a tour ball on wedge and iron shots.

The responsive cover grabs wedge grooves for superb control chipping, pitching, and sticking tight greenside lies. The luxuriously soft sensation also provides excellent feedback for dialing in precise iron shots.

Maxfli’s innovative construction balances explosive distance off the driver with feather-touch playability around the greens. Enjoy premium control and scoring with the Softfli.

Advanced Dimple Design for Penetrating Flight

The Softfli’s 392 dimple pattern is engineered for aerodynamic excellence. The icosahedron design places dimples uniformly around the surface, reducing drag for maximizing distance.

Dimples allow golf balls to fly farther than smooth balls. The dimples create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the ball’s surface. This allows air to flow smoothly over the top of the boundary layer, decreasing drag substantially compared to a smooth ball.

Maxfli optimized dimple shape, size, and alignment to keep the Softfli soaring down the fairway. The aerodynamic surface sustains high speed for greater carry distance off the tee.

Alignment Aid for Increased Accuracy

An enhanced alignment aid allows you to orient the Softfli precisely down the fairway. The arrow side stamp indicates the ball’s pole so you can line it up with your intended launch direction.

Setting the arrow vertical to the target line improves accuracy by removing horizontal sidespin. Squaring the line and logo properly also enhances visibility in flight.

Combine the alignment perk with reduced slice/hook from the low-compression core for hitting more fairways off the tee.

Play Like the Pros with Maxfli

Maxfli has been trusted by professional golfers for over 35 years. Our cutting-edge innovation optimizes every element of ball design for better players.

Make your drives matter by reaching distant fairway positions with the 2022 Softfli. The 48-pack enables you to play an entire round with the same model. Experience tour-quality performance on every stroke for lower scores.

Take your driving distance to the next level now with the Maxfli Softfli!


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