melin Unisex Odyssey Brick Hydro Floatable Water Repellent Snapback Hat


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Stay Cool and Dry with the melin Odyssey Brick Hydro Performance Snapback

melin brings innovative technology to traditional sportswear with the Odyssey Brick Hydro – a lightweight snapback hat engineered for optimal comfort and water resistance.

This unisex hat features a mix of high-tech hydrophobic materials and breathable linings to create the ultimate in moisture control and quick-drying wear. The floatable visor core allows your hat to stay afloat if dropped in water.

Read on to see why the Odyssey Brick Hydro is built to be the most durable, water-friendly, and high-performing snapback on the market.

Advanced Hydrophobic Technology

At the core of this hat is melin’s hydrophobic technology that effectively repels water and prevents absorption. The exterior crown uses a specialized fabric treatment to cause water to bead up and roll right off the surface of the hat.

This water-resistant coating enables the hat to stay light and dry in wet conditions. Rain, splashes, and spills will simply slide off without soaking into the hat or weighing it down.

The visor is also crafted with a hydrophobic exterior and unique water-capable core allowing it to float upright if your hat gets dunked or blown into a lake or pool. No more losing your hats to water damage!

Interior Moisture-Wicking Lining

While the exterior sheds external water, the interior lining wicks away internal sweat and moisture. The hat lining incorporates advanced quick-dry fabric that moves dampness away from your head for fast evaporation.

This sweat-wicking performance keeps you feeling fresh, preventing that clammy dripping feeling under your hat on hot and humid days. The combination of water-repellent outer fabric and moisture-managing lining makes the Odyssey Brick Hydro a cool and dry choice year round.

Lightweight Floatable Visor

In addition to water repellent properties, the Odyssey’s visor features a lightweight floatable core. This proprietary water-friendly material allows the visor to remain upright while floating.

If your hat gets knocked into a pool or lake, the floatable visor ensures it remains face up instead of flipping over and sinking. You can quickly retrieve your hat before the rest of it takes on water.

The floatable core maintains the visor’s shape and form, enabling it to float without crumpling or folding over. The water-capable visor is an ingenious innovation by melin, protecting your hat from water damage.

Perforated Panels for Breathability

Small perforated dots cover the side and rear panels of the Odyssey Brick Hydro hat. These laser-cut holes allow for maximum airflow circulation, keeping your head cool as temperatures rise.

The perforated panels work together with the moisture-wicking lining to prevent a hot, muggy environment underneath your hat. Air can freely flow in and out, providing a comfortably breezy interior to complement the sweat-wicking properties.

Durable Construction, Classic Fit

Constructed from durable fabrics with structured stitching, this cap is built to hold its shape and withstand daily wear and tear. The six-panel design includes embroidered eyelets and a soft-touch snapback closure that’s fully adjustable for your perfect fit.

The Odyssey Brick Hydro features a mid-profile classic fit. It sits low on the head with a slightly curved visor to exude laidback sporty vibes. The unisex design accommodates both men and women with two size options:

– Size Small – Fits head circumferences under 22 3/4 inches
– Size Classic – Fits head sizes between 22 7/8 – 23 1/2 inches

Hidden Sweatband Pocket

Inside the front two panels, melin added a secret storage pocket for stashing cash, credit cards, keys or other small essentials. The discreet hidden pocket keeps your valuables secure and close while on the go.

This ingenious sweatband stash zone ensures you’ll never be without your small necessities. The pocket is specially designed to avoid discomfort, remaining undetectable while worn.

In Summary

The melin Odyssey Brick Hydro snapback provides the ultimate in high-tech performance, comfort and protection:

– Hydrophobic water-repellent technology
– Breathable sweat-wicking interior lining
– Lightweight floatable visor
– Perforated side & rear panels for airflow
– Durable construction with classic fit
– Discreet interior storage pocket

Bring innovative technology into your hat game with the Odyssey Brick Hydro! This amphibious cap builds on the iconic snapback design with features that keep you cool, dry and protected all day long.

Contact melin to learn more about the water-friendly floatable materials and advanced fabric treatments used to create this performance-driven headwear.


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