Mizuno Men’s Premier Pro Baseball Pants


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Step up your baseball game with the Mizuno Men’s Premier Pro Baseball Pants. Engineered for performance and comfort, these pants provide a professional fit for athletes who take the field seriously.

Durable Double Knit Polyester Fabric

Constructed from 100% polyester double knit fabric, these Mizuno baseball pants are made to withstand even the most grueling games. The smooth, durable fabric retains its shape and resists snags or tears that can occur from slides, dives, or climbs over fences. It also maintains its color despite repeated washings and wearings.

Lightweight Construction

The premier pro pants feature a lightweight design perfect for warm weather play. The breathable polyester material keeps you cool by wicking moisture away from the skin. Weighing just 7 ounces, these pants won’t weigh you down as you run the bases. Enjoy full range of motion without restriction.

Comfortable Tunnel Belt Loops

These pants utilize a tunnel belt loop waist to securely keep shirts tucked in. The belt loops are designed to sit comfortably on the hips without pinching or binding as you move. Wearers can cinch the pants up for a snug fit or wear them loose when ultimate comfort takes priority.

Snap Front Fly Closure

The button fly front incorporates a two-snap closure for convenient venting and ventilation. Unsnap the bottom snap when you need cooling airflow. Keep both snapped for greater coverage when sliding. The fly also makes putting the pants on and taking them off a breeze.

Set-In Back Pockets

Two set-in back pockets provide handy storage right on your backside. The pockets each fasten with a sturdy button to ensure your belongings stay put. Use the pockets to hold your wallet, keys, and any other small items you need close by.

Dual-Layer Knee Construction

The Mizuno pro pants take knee protection seriously with dual-layer knee joints engineered for mobility and defense. An inner layer of fabric extends under the knees to allow natural movement. An outer layer sits on top for abrasion resistance when sliding. Kneepads can also be inserted for extra fortification.

Hemmed Bottom

Finishing off each pant leg is a clean hemmed bottom. The hem provides structure to the leg opening so the pants maintain their straight shape. This prevents flair or ballooning which can hinder speed and response times. The even hem also gives the pants a polished, professional look.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Mizuno equipped these pro baseball pants with advanced moisture-wicking technology to keep athletes cool and dry. The fabric quickly draws sweat and dampness away from the skin and towards the surface where it can evaporate. This prevents overheating and discomfort from wet clothing sticking to the body.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The fabric incorporates UPF 50+ UV protection to shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This allows athletes to play with peace of mind knowing the pants block 98% of UV radiation. Prevent painful and dangerous sunburns during long days training and competing outdoors.

Antimicrobial Function

The premier pro pants are treated with an antimicrobial finish that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric. This keeps garments fresher for longer and guards against unwelcome odors even during heavy sweating. Stay confident and focused on the game, not body odor.

Easy Care

Caring for these Mizuno baseball pants is simple – just machine wash warm and tumble dry low after games and practices. The fabric holds up well to repeated washings, retaining its color and performance. Use mild detergent and wash pants inside out for best results.

Ideal for Baseball & Softball

Whether your game is hardcore baseball or casual softball, these Mizuno pro pants offer optimal comfort and range of motion. Their athletic design and innovative performance fabric is ideal for any player who wants to look and feel like a pro.

Pick up the Premier Pro Baseball Pants by Mizuno and experience a pro-level performance pant optimized for today’s athletes. You’ll be playing your best while looking sharp and staying comfortable.


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