Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1250PF4W Fastpitch Softball Glove – Take Your Game to the Next Level


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Designed for elite female athletes, the Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1250PF4W fastpitch softball glove is engineered to give you the unfair advantage. With its pro-style lace, smooth professional grade leather, optimized pocket, and shock-absorbing palm pad, this glove offers maximum control and performance for serious softball players.

Gender Engineered for Female Hands

Mizuno uses gender-specific engineering to create gloves tailored specifically for female athletes. The GMVP1250PF4W has an optimized fit and shape contoured to match the female hand. The finger stalls are engineered with a narrower fit while the palm features a more petite profile. You get a glove that breaks in faster with a secure, snug fit.

Same Durable Lace as Professional Gloves

Just like Mizuno pro gloves, the MVP Prime utilizes their professional-grade lace. Made of durable polyester, this lace provides strength and structure to the glove. Even after repeated use, it maintains its shape while providing a flexible and responsive feel. The lace also gives a pro-style look to match your elite caliber of play.

Smooth and Supple Bio Soft Leather

The high quality leather used on the MVP Prime glove is Mizuno’s Bio Soft leather. It has an ideal balance of softness for amazing feel with the right firmness for excellent control. The leather is professionally graded to give it a smooth, refined finish. It conforms perfectly to your hand with minimal break-in time. The Bio Soft leather also offers durability to withstand season after season of advanced fastpitch play.

Ideal Pocket Shape and Placement

Mizuno engineered the MVP Prime with a pocket precisely centered under the index finger. This Centered Pocket Designed pattern provides the most versatile break-in possible for your specific catching style. The pocket has an optimized depth and shape to easily secure ball after ball while reducing the need for reshaping during the break-in process.

Parashock Palm Pad Reduces Sting

To help decrease ball impact shock and protect your hand, the MVP Prime glove has a Parashock palm pad. This padding utilizes Mizuno’s advanced technology to absorb and dissipate energy on impact. You get exceptional protection from ball sting without compromising feel and control. The palm pad also features a smooth surface to minimize glove adjustment during play.

Ideal for Infield Positions

With its 12.5 inch size and shallow Trident web design, the Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1250PF4W is an excellent glove for infield positions like second base, shortstop, and third base. The smaller size gives you quick exchange moves while the web is engineered for lightning fast ball transfers and scooping up grounders. Take your infield game to the highest level with this glove!

Trusted by Elite Fastpitch Players

The MVP Prime fastpitch glove is trusted by top softball players across the country. Its premium design and components are matched with Mizuno’s flawless construction for a glove that performs at the highest levels. Break it in, game it, and you’ll experience the unmatched quality and technology that Mizuno builds into every glove.

Mizuno Quality and Craftsmanship

With over 110 years of baseball and softball glove craftsmanship, Mizuno is the leader in innovation and technology. Every element of the MVP Prime is precision engineered by master technicians in their state-of-the-art facility. From the leather to the laces, you get a glove made to exacting standards by those who live and breathe the game.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Designed for serious fastpitch players, the Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1250PF4W softball glove delivers pro-level performance. Experience what your game can be with a glove engineered for female athletes. The optimized fit, premium components, and elite construction will give you the unfair advantage over your competition. Order the Mizuno MVP Prime today and play like the pro you are!


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