Molten Basketball GF7X Men’s and Women’s Official FIBA Certified Competition Basketball


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Take your game to the next level with the Molten Basketball GF7X. This premium composite leather basketball is FIBA certified for official competition play. The GF7X meets all FIBA standards for weight and size, ranging from 567g to 650g and 29 to 29.5 inches. You can trust the consistency and quality of this ball, which is why it’s used in high school, college, and professional leagues around the world.

Engineered for optimal grip, feel, and control, the GF7X features a 12-panel design and pebbled composite leather cover. The cushioned lining absorbs impact while the nylon wound inner carcass retains air and shape after repeated use. Whether you’re playing intense games or just shooting around, this durable basketball will hold up.

Molten is the official basketball supplier for FIBA and known for innovation in ball technology. The GF7X also comes with an anti-counterfeiting card so you can verify authenticity. Give yourself a competitive edge during games and practice with the Molten GF7X FIBA approved basketball. It’s the top choice for players looking to take their skills to the championship level.


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