Molten BG4500 Composite Basketball – FIBA Approved for Official Tournaments


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Play like the pros with the Molten BG4500 FIBA Approved Composite Basketball. This high-quality basketball features a durable composite leather cover and nylon wound interior for optimal grip and control on the court. The 12 panel, 2-tone design offers excellent ball handling and consistent bounces shot after shot.

FIBA Approval for Championship Play

The Molten BG4500 is the official basketball of FIBA championships and tournaments around the globe. It meets all FIBA specifications for material, size, weight, bounce, and circumference. Bring pro-level performance to your games with the same basketball used in FIBA events.

Premium Composite Leather Cover

The composite leather cover provides a soft, tactile grip that makes ball handling a breeze. The pebbled texture also gives you consistent control for dribbling, passing, and shooting. The cover retains its shape game after game while standing up to outdoor courts.

Nylon Wound Interior for Consistent Play

Inside, a nylon wound carcass offers enhanced structural stability. The durable nylon windings give the ball a perfectly round shape for predictable bounces and rolls. It also provides excellent shock absorption so you can bank shots and drive the lane without stinging hands.

Butyl Rubber Bladder for Superior Air Retention

The basketball retains air pressure longer thanks to the high-quality butyl rubber bladder inside. Butyl rubber contains less air permeability than other bladder materials for optimal inflation. The dependable air retention gives you consistent bounce during games and practices. Just occasionally reinflate to maintain prime playing performance.

Official Size 7 Ball for All Play Levels

The Molten BG4500 has a standard size 7 circumference, making it ideal for men’s high school, collegiate, and professional play. The intermediate size is also perfect for women’s competitive leagues. With official weight and dimensions, this FIBA-approved basketball handles true in game time situations.

12 Panel Design for Easy Control

The basketball features the classic 12 panel design used in professional leagues like the NBA. The alternating panels give you increased shooting control and handling compared to an 8 panel ball. The wider channels also allow your fingers to sink into the pebbled composite leather for a better grip.

Moisture-Wicking Channels for All-Weather Play

Deep moisture-wicking channels between panels keep your hands dry for optimal control. Rain or sweat won’t diminish your ball handling abilities during intense gameplay. The composite leather also retains its tacky feel in wet conditions so you keep a firm grasp on the ball when driving down the lane.

2-Tone Visual Appeal

This Molten basketball has a stylish two-tone design of orange and black panels. The color contrast helps you see ball rotation for accurate shooting and passing. It also gives the ball visual appeal for recreational, league, or pickup games with friends.

Official Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Take your basketball skills outside with this durable FIBA-approved ball. The composite leather withstands abrasive outdoor courts while retaining its grippy feel. The nylon wound interior also stands up to pavement better than full rubber constructions. Enjoy realistic bounces for 3-pointers and free throws on any hard surface.

Enhance Skills for Competitive Play

Bring out your best moves for league and tournament games with the Molten BG4500. The premium composite leather with nylon wound interior gives you great touch and control to improve dribbling, passing, and shooting accuracy. Step up your skills for next-level performance on the court.

The Molten BG4500 Composite Basketball is engineered for high-level gameplay indoors and out. Play like a pro with the FIBA approved basketball trusted by champions across the world. Order the Molten BG4500 today and dominate the court!


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