Net World Sports Wedged Football Tackle Shield – Improve Linebacker Form and Safely Practice Defensive Tactics


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The Net World Sports Wedged Football Tackle Shield is an essential piece of equipment for any football team looking to improve their defensive performance. This professionally designed tackle pad features an angled strike zone that forces linebackers and defensive players to practice correct tackling form. The durable, weatherproof construction and heavy-duty straps also make it the perfect tool for coaches to safely run blocking and tackling drills.

Forces Proper Tackling Technique

The innovative wedge shape is the key feature of this football training aid. The angled strike area at the top requires players to get low and drive upwards into tackles. This motion promotes better form by keeping the head up and training players to use their shoulders properly. Practicing with the wedged tackle shield develops muscle memory so your athletes naturally employ proper mechanics during live games.

Withstands Heavy Impacts and Rainstorms

Constructed from 600GSM PVC, these pads can withstand heavy impacts from players and harsh weather conditions. The ultra thick and durable vinyl cover resists ripping or tearing even during intense practice sessions. Unlike other vinyl padding, this heavy-duty material does not get brittle and crack over time.

The weatherproof cover also enables your team to practice in the rain. While other pads become waterlogged and unusable, this vinyl shield simply wipes dry. Never cancel important pre-game practices again just because of bad weather.

Multi-Layer Foam Protection

Beneath the rugged PVC shell lies layers of dense foam padding. This specially contoured foam filling absorbs impact to protect coaches during blocking drills. The multi-layered interior provides more shock dissipation compared to single blocks of padding.

Coaches can feel confident acting as a living tackling dummy, knowing the wedged shape and superior foam protection will prevent injury. Athletes can practice at full speed without having to hold back out of concern for coach safety.

Woven Nylon Side Straps

Durable woven nylon straps line each side of the shield. These heavy-duty handles allow coaches to grip the pad firmly in different positions. Reinforced stitching prevents breakage, enabling coaches to hold the pad vertically for pass blocking, horizontally for drive tackling, and angled for combo moves.

The multiple hand grips give coaches excellent control to press into tackles and challenge players. Athletes learn to summon their strength and technique to shed blocks and bring down ball carriers. This improves leverage, hand placement, and drive from the legs.

Adjustable for All Ages

To suit players of all ages and sizes, this wedged tackle shield comes in junior, youth, and senior models. The junior size is perfect for athletes under age 12 and measures 17” tall x 11” wide. Youth pads are 20” tall x 12” wide to fit teenage players. For high school athletes and older, choose the largest senior size at 23” tall x 14” wide.

With age-appropriate padding, players can practice correct form without having to reach too high or low. Coaches also avoid accidental head strikes by using properly fitted equipment. Simply select the size closes to your tallest athletes’ chest height.

Technical Specifications:

– Materials: 600GSM PVC cover, multi-layer foam padding

– Junior Size: 17” tall x 11” wide

– Youth Size: 20” tall x 12” wide

– Senior Size: 23” tall x 14” wide

– Side Handles: Reinforced woven nylon

– Weight: 4 lbs (junior), 5 lbs (youth), 6 lbs (senior)

Reasons to Choose the Net World Sports Wedged Tackle Shield:

  • Wedge shape develops proper tackling technique
  • Heavy-duty PVC withstands harsh practice conditions
  • Multi-layer foam absorbs impact and protects coaches
  • Reinforced side handles for versatile grip positions
  • Adjustable size options fit athletes of all ages

Ideal for Drills Such as:

  • Bull in the Ring
  • Oklahoma
  • Punch Drill
  • Drive Tackling
  • Shedding Blocks
  • Blitz Pickup

Take your team’s defensive skills to the next level with the Net World Sports Wedged Football Tackle Shield. The angled strike zone promotes proper tackling technique for improved game day performance. Fully weatherproof and built to last, this durable pad can handle your toughest practices.


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